Tsai Ing-wen elected new ROC president (press release)

Tsai Ing-wen elected new ROC president (press release)

Tsai_und_Su_(cropped,_Tsai_Ing-wen)PRESS RELEASE – Tsai Ing-wen and Chen Chien-jen were declared the 14th-term president and vice president of the Republic of China by the Central Election Commission Jan. 16.

The Democratic Progressive Party Tsai-Chen ticket received 6,894,744 votes (56.12 percent), defeating the Kuomintang candidates Eric Liluan Chu and Wang Ju-hsuan, with 3,813,365 (31.04 percent), and the People First Party’s James Soong and Hsu Hsin-ying, with 1,576,861 (12.83 percent). Voter turnout was 66.2 percent.

In the Legislative Yuan elections, the Democratic Progressive Party won 68 seats of the 113 total seats, while the Kuomintang took 35.

The New Power Party captured five seats, the People First Party three, and the Non-Partisan Solidarity Union one. One independent candidate was also elected. For official results, please see the Central Election Commission (http://www.cec.gov.tw/en/index.html) website.



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