Trouya Point residents work to improve road conditions

Trouya Point residents work to improve road conditions

Residents at Trouya Point have pooled their resources to benefit from a provision in the 2013/2014 budget designed to alleviate poor road conditions in communities islandwide.

During the budget statement, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony indicated that residents participating in road rehabilitation projects would be entitled to a tax allowance of $5000, deductible against their property or income tax. With deteriorating road conditions at Trouya Point, 25 of the 27 households banded to become the first community to access the rehabilitation of residential roads programme.

The residents contributed $20,000; the government through the residential roads rehabilitation programme, $50,000; and Parliamentary Representative Emma Hippolyte tapped into the Constituency Development Fund for an additional $50,000.

The Ministry of Infrastructure is providing technical assistance and structural support to the initiative.

The ministry is hoping that other communities will access the programme, as a means of addressing their road conditions directly.


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