Tropical Wave affecting St. Lucia, other Caribbean islands

Tropical Wave affecting St. Lucia, other Caribbean islands


A tropical wave is over the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean with axis along 88w moving at 15 kt.

The moisture area associated with the wave is being enhanced by a large upper level low centered over Mexico. Clusters of scattered moderate to isolated strong convection are noted.

The surface to mid level trough system began to affect the weather conditions across Barbados early yesterday evening and continued throughout the day.

The same system moved across the other islands of the Eastern Caribbean and had a greater impact. In Grenada over a twenty four hour period, 54 mm of rainfall were measured.

Reports from St. Vincent indicated that some flooding occurred to the north of the country. In Dominica, 24 and 27 mm of rainfall were measured at Meville Hall and Canefield Airports respectively.

St Lucia also experienced 24 hour rainfall, which ended at 2:00am at Hewanorra with 12.3 mm rainfall.

Satellite imagery with supporting radar evidence showed the cloud mass and the shower activity stretching across the entire island chain.


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  1. 2 day ago there was testing of some flood mitigation siren system, now that we had a real flood did the siren go off?


  2. I must admit that all agencies responsible for the safety of citizens have proven themselves incompetent. NEMO continues to defeat it's purpose. This is disheartening.


  3. Is it only 12.3 mm of rainfall in Saint Lucia? Is there an error? Please double-check.

    Also please report on the current flooding in Castries and around the island.

    Personally I am getting concerned. I have family stranded right now because roads are impassable.


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