Triple crown victory for Digicel’s musical ambassador

Triple crown victory for Digicel’s musical ambassador
Ricky T delivering his energetic performance of Mass Attack
Digicel’s Marketing Manager Kerchelle Jn Charles presenting Ricky T with his winning prize of a Blackberry Z10.

One of the biggest and most recognizable names in the entertainment industry, the prolific and versatile Ricky Joseph aka “Ricky-T”, has comfortably won the titles for two of the biggest music competitions for St. Lucia Carnival, Groovy and Power Soca Monarchs.

Days later it would also be announced that the Digicel-endorsed musical ambassador had also copped yet another top Carnival prize, this time the much sought after Road March title as his “Mas Attack” Soca hit was the most requested and played song on the road for the carnival Monday and Tuesday street jump-up Parade of the Bands.

In the keenly contested weekend competition, Ricky T emerged victorious among his talented musical peers in the staging of the finals for both the Groovy and Power Soca competitions on July 13. Born to entertain, Ricky-T delivered an amazing performance that thrilled the judges and massive audience at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds (BCG).

Known for his catchy lyrics and unique style of connecting with audiences, Ricky-T came out and dominated the evening.  Participating in both Groovy and Power Soca competitions in the same evening, Ricky-T was composed and up for the challenge to deliver the best performances of his life.

He captivated the audience and held them in a musical trance during the Groovy segment, singing his popular “40 Days and 40 Nights” hit.  The audience sang along and waved throughout his presentation, signaling their enjoyment.

Ricky T delivering his energetic performance of Mass Attack

Not showing any sign of slowing down, Ricky-T came out with full force in the second part of the competition with his energetic party song “Mass Attack”.  From the MC’s introduction of the song and artiste, the audience were in an uproar as Ricky-T began his delivery of the catchy tune.

What a night it was for the now seasoned performer as it was clear to the crowd and judges that his extraordinary performances were by far the best in the competition and he had captured both titles of Groovy Monarch and Power Soca Monarch.

Commenting on Ricky-T’s accomplishment of being the 2013 Groovy and Power Soca Monarchs along with his Road March Title win, Digicel’s Marketing Manager Kerchelle Jn. Charles says, “As an exceptional company with a people centric brand, Digicel is proud of the competitive spirit of this extraordinary musical icon and congratulates Ricky-T on winning both competitions and being adjudged the ‘peoples favorite’ via his win of the 2013 Road March title.  His love for his fans and Country, his dedication to his craft and his consistency year after year has distinguished him as a true musical ambassador for St. Lucia and the people’s King. Well Done Ricky-T!”

Digicel congratulates this extraordinary performer Ricky “Ricky-T” Joseph for being the 2013 Groovy and Power Soca King as well as capturing the Road Match title.

Ricky T’s triple carnival win, a feat which he has accomplished in the past, puts in a small and select group of performers who have been able to capture triple carnival crowns in the same year.


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  1. Congrats to the tizzel on a great season however the word on the streets is that Arthur singing jumping alone was the true victor in the groovy #jumpingalone watch out next year tizzel !!! boom wam to dem!!!


  2. ENJOYYY your Return to GLORY!!!!
    Nowwww Mr. Ricky T. Don't do like 2012 and fall off the radar after winning sooo many titles.

    Please get to work on your *NEW Music for next year to ensure you carry thru the quality and keep "AT LEAST" one of your titles come 2014!


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