Trio appear in court for raping two teen girls at Reduit

Trio appear in court for raping two teen girls at Reduit


Three men charged with two counts of rape and burglary in connection with the rape of two young girls in Reduit Orchard, Rodney Bay on November 2, 2015 were remanded to prison today.

Two brothers, aged 23 and 18, and a friend who is 16-years old, appeared in court today and were remanded in custody until April 8, 2016, when the matter will be taken before the High Court.

The men were arraigned during an in-camera session which was closed to the public and the media on November 19, 2015. The release of the names and images of the two young men are prohibited under local laws, mainly to protect the identity and privacy of the victim/s.

The mother of the two brothers told the media at court today that she is not happy with the action taken by her sons and their friend, and described the incident as “heart-breaking.”

The woman also publicly apologized to the two young girls and their parents.

The police had said that two females, both 16 years old, were raped by the three men. They concealed their faces with T-shirts, stormed through the apartment and entered through a closed but unlocked door, police said.

One male was armed with a gun and the females were also robbed of certain items, police said.

“The victims suffered severe lacerations of their vaginas with one being admitted to Victoria Hospital for surgical repair,” one source alleged.


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  1. So the mother of the two boys was on television saying she saw a change in her boys when she took their friend in and I'm now understanding her two boys are the ones who raped the girls and the friend didn't???? Woman don't make a fool of yourself.......these boys deserve a life sentence ...especially the one throwing food at the cameras.


  2. JCP tell me which country in the world does not have rape, stealing and killing? You should think before making your idiotic comments online. Seems like you are enjoying this sad situation .

    Just be careful and pray that in which ever little hole you are making your anonymous silly cooments that you are not burglarized, raped or killed.

    This is a situation that can happen any where in the world. St Lucia is not different than any other developing country where crime is real,!


  3. I am not a political fanatic, but what does Kenny have to do with the boys mind???. We politicizing everything.. can't u see this is a social issue? (SMH)


  4. So for the month of December and January we 8 young people (<30 yrs old) going to jail for murder and rape ; 4 in the vieux fort chopping , one stabbing castries before xmas, 3 idiots for rape, and if you adding the young lady who is also charged murder it will be 9 young people.

    To most people we don't have bloody problem, i starting to understand why Rick Wayne ranting. And some smart ass will think the solution to the problem will be too extend on Bordelais , smfh.

    Us young people are a reflection of all, i mean all (politicians;both sides, religious leaders, civil society and our citizens.... Damn we celebrating independence , we fucking failed , miserably , we should be mourning independence.............................


    • Blaming everyone but you should add absent parent and young people that are rebellious, leaving a "care-free" and "consequence-free" life.


  5. Jcp dont be so emotionally charged.I know it is a painful and sadistic crime but be in touch with the real world. Hence i try not to read or look at international news anymore.


  6. As a mother, to have two young men without moral compass is inconceivable! I would not know what it is like for their mother. She says the incident is ‘heart-breaking’ and she is apologetic for her sons’ brutish behaviour. Rape clearly causes ripples of trauma in gradation to all concerned. But, I do hope that the severity of the crimes are mete out with the stiffest of penalty. Not just for the violation of the two young girls bodies but also for the violation of their peace of mind that you are safe in your home and in your bed,


    • Really??? I guess London where you claim to reside is totally crime free?? Why do you all make such stupid statements??? Is it straw you all have for a brain?? Salop countr?? Well I hope you stay away from it.. we do not need the added negativity from your mindset..


  7. i am reading : " The release of the names and images of the two young men are prohibited under local laws, mainly to protect the identity and privacy of the victim/s."
    But I could have sworn HTS revealed the names and showed the face of one of the guys tonight.

    NB: one of the three males is 16-years old. Local laws considers a child below 18. I dont know if that is ethical or sensational journalism.


    • good for HTS! .Do u know in the States some crimes are so heinous that people are tried as adults even when they under age. that should be what ought to happen in this case. these are not kids these are devil seeds! we need them locked up forever!


  8. What kind of asinine stmt. Is that?? That's all St. Lucia produces? Really? ? The actions of a few criminal minded people becomes all St. Lucia produces.. smdh.. i guess you a foreigner?


  9. Is that all St Lucia produces >>> RAPISTS AND THIEVES AND KILLERS?????????????????



    • That is an unfortunate statement to make.
      Which ever administration that is in power. and no matter if you are the richest country in the world, there will always be sick people out there with no regard.


    • Your comment is ignorant and you sound like an uneducated fool ... you should look at yourself with your foolish comment. Stop blaming the government red or yellow for the shit that we island people do. Because I don't think that the Prime Minister pays anyone to commit crimes. We too busy pointing fingers rather than trying to make a difference.


    • No, actually shame on you for posting a comment like that. Instead of putting something positive, you posted negativity. Jcp , do you ever comment on the positive stories and encourage the young men and women of this country, even when they represent our island and are not successfull, do you ever? You are disgusful and I am ashamed you are St.Lucian!


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