Trinity Lutheran hosts Gospel Summer Arts Program

Trinity Lutheran hosts Gospel Summer Arts Program

unnamed (1)PRESS RELEASE – Trinity Lutheran Church is hosting the Gospel Summer Arts Program and Football Camp this summer from July 27th to August 13th Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The program will finish with a live performance at 7:00 PM August 14th at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary school. The following day, the members of Trinity Lutheran Church and the neighborhood of Bisee are invited to a barbeque at the church starting around 10:00 AM.

The GASP Program was the brainchild of Evodia Cassius and Tassia Clement. Both are students of Martin Luther College, the Lutheran teacher training university located in the US.

Ms Cassuis says, “God has blessed us with so many talents and sometimes we thing we are only giving praise to God if we are in church or giving offerings. But really, using all of what God has blessed us with, our voice, our bodies, our talent… these are all ways to give God thanks and praise. That’s what our summer program is about.”

Pastor Bramdeo Ramgolam is running the Trinity Lutheran Football camp simultaneously on the playing field in La Clery. He explained, “This is a great way to get the children of the community involved in a fun Christ centered environment.”

The performance at 7:00 PM on Friday August 14th at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School is an opportunity to show what the children have been working at.

“It will be a wonderful program filled with the children singing and dancing. We are really looking forward to it. Everyone is invited. The cost is free and there will be food on sale,” says Tassia Clement.

The neighborhood barbeque on Saturday August 15th is one of the ways that Trinity Lutheran wants to improve the image of Bisee and bring people together in the neighborhood. Pastor Tom Spiegelberg says, “Everyone has their own idea of the neighborhood of beautiful Bisee. And sometimes, even within the community, there is a lack of cooperation or neighborhood effort. So we want to be the catalyst for bringing Bisee together as a community and bringing people to our neighborhood This is our home neighborhood and we are glad to be here.

For more information, contact Trinity Lutheran Church at 572-2244 or Teacher Evodia Cassius at 484-1667. You may also visit our web site at, email us at [email protected] or like us on Facebook.

Trinity Lutheran Church is not associated with the Mormon Church located by the Vigie playing field. Trinity Lutheran Church is a member of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod, a world wide Protestant church body.


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