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Trinidad’s police commissioner stands by ‘slavery’ statement

By Trinidad Express

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Police Commissioner Gary Griffith speaks to members of the media (file photo)

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is standing by his initial statement that persons found yesterday at the Transformed Life Ministry (TLM) Rehabilitation Centre were victims of human trafficking and “modern-day slavery”.

Speaking to the Express via telephone hours after a police raid on the Arouca facility, Griffith said the public must expand its understanding of human trafficking, which he said was not only defined by women or persons being kidnapped and sold into prostitution.

The Commissioner said the term may also be at work wherever persons are being held against their will, without remuneration but to the benefit of other individuals.

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  1. Using the speach of the officer, can be refutable "wherever persons are being held against their will, without remuneration but to the benefit of other individuals" is very important that when you are demencia, and your family decide to paid an institution to take care of you, Of course no one ask the opinion of the person who will be in a institution that cannot go out and do what he want.. Is the benefit of the institution that is getting money for the family or others to keep captive person with certain limitations.. Lot of people send elder to centers that lot of them around the world are not the best place to keep an elder. But family paid for it and because lot of family don't want to take care of mental illness persons, they paid the money and don't care if you put it in cages or wherever... They just don't care... The condition of this case is critical, you can keep some person in Jails, but torture or bad treatment is against humans rights.. But remember, before gonlike berserker against the pastor check every case and how they end there... For sure many family know the situation but regardless that mess, they send his relatives there and paid for it..

  2. From all the hard working constables of the jamaica constabulary force. We applaud you sir for stand up for your police officer, we're motivated by your stance.

    • Expand your knowledge of human trafficking - is a very strong term that many will not understand. Putting human being in cage is part of punishing that individual of his/her freedom. What did they do to endure such? body parts selling willingly or not is also part of human trafficking, so if that pastor knew he was do this then he should be jail, regardless how many people he proclaimed to help.

      • Am of the opinion that these people are targeted because their family member was incarcerated and honestly society doesn't take chances with them, one place vision on mission tried but they rotated only... these small churches feed off the vulnerability of the people which apparently is the norm these days


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