Trinidad: Wrong body at funeral, family searches for real remains

Trinidad: Wrong body at funeral, family searches for real remains

(NEWSDAY) — SOMEWHERE in TT a family has an urn with ashes of someone they think is their relative, but doesn’t. Those ashes belong to relatives of Euline Blondell.

The confusion was noticed on Friday when Blondell’s family went to Belgroves Funeral Chapel in Tacarigua for their final farewell. Before the funeral began, Blondell’s children went to view her body inside the chapel and noticed that it was not their mother. They then informed the mourners gathered that the funeral will be a bit later than expected as there was a “mix up” that had to be addressed. Mourners told Sunday Newsday that after a while the relatives told them the funeral had to be postponed.

Newsday understands that after searching frantically, officials at Belgroves told the family that Blondell’s body was mistakenly cremated on Wednesday. The family questioned why the other family weren’t perturbed that the person they cremated was the wrong person. The body presented on Friday had the clothes sent by relatives for their mother and she was in the casket picked out by them.
Newsday called the funeral home on Friday and an official said she was unaware of the incident and promised to return the call with an explanation.

She never did. An email was sent to the CEO Keith Belgrove but up to today no response was received. The funeral home was called yesterday again and the receptionist took a meesage promising to relay the information to the relevant authorities but no one returned the call.


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