Trinidad: WPC and her 2 brother charged with multiple crimes

Trinidad: WPC and her 2 brother charged with multiple crimes

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A Woman Police Constable and her two brothers, reappeared before an Arima Magistrate today, charged with crimes linked to an incident involving police officers in the Maloney district, on January 25.

WPC Reanne Wilson, a Special Reserve Police officer last attached to the Arouca Police Station, was charged with obstruction, aiding and abetting, use of obscene language and assaulting a police officer.

Rendon Wilson , 35, was charged with possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm and ammunition to endanger life, possession of a firearm, wounding with intent, resisting arrest, escaping lawful custody, obstructing a police officer, use of obscene language and larceny of a firearm.

Tyrell Wilson, 30, was charged with obstruction.

They appeared before Magistrate Wendy Dougdeen-Bally;

The three live at Building #19, Maloney Gardens, Maloney.

Reanne Wilson first appeared before an Arima Magistrate last Thursday and was granted bail in the sum of $25,000.

Tyrell Wilson and Rendon Wilson meanwhile, had first appeared in court last Wednesday where Tyrell was granted $20,000 own bail.

Rendon was at that time not granted bail and remanded into custody. Upon his return to court today, he was granted bail in the sum of $350,000.

The matters have been adjourned to August 4.

On January 25, Constables Hannaway, Pinder and Salina, all attached to the Maloney Crime Patrol Unit, responded to a report of a man armed with a gun, being observed at Building #19, Maloney Gardens.

Upon checking, the officers observed a male suspect attempting to tuck a firearm into his waist. PC Hannaway chased and held the man.

While attempting to disarm the suspect, a struggle ensued forcing PCs Salina and Pinder to intervene. During the incident, a crowd of approximately 30 people gathered and started throwing missiles at the officers.

As the officers struggled with the suspect, he got a hold of PC Hannaway’s firearm and shot him in his right thigh. PC Hannaway was able to retrieve his firearm shortly after. At that point, the crowd had grown to about 50 people and PC Hannaway was forced to seek medical attention, while PC Salina continued his struggle with the suspect.

A female relative of the suspect then intervened and attempted to pull PC Salina’s hand away from the suspect. She allegedly choked and assaulted the officer, while two other male members of the crowd joined in and managed to pull the male suspect away from the grasp of PCs Salina and Pinder. They escaped. The officers had to seek medical attention following the incident.

Tyrell Wilson was arrested at his home on and Reanne Wilson surrendered to officers of the Maloney Police Station on Sunday. Rendon Wilson was arrested while seeking medical attention at the Eric Williams Medical Complex on Sunday.

Warrants were issued for other people involved in the incident.


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