Trinidad: Worker shot dead at Barataria job site

Trinidad: Worker shot dead at Barataria job site
Nevin Alexander
Nevin Alexander

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) – Hours after 33-year-old Nevin Alexander was killed while at his job site in Barataria, the sound of heavy gunfire, believed to be from high-powered weapons, was heard in Beetham Gardens.

The sound of gunshots sent students and teachers at the nearby Success/Laventille Secondary School scampering for safety.

According to a police report, at about 7.30 pm Alexander, who is employed as a labourer with the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation was at his job site at Twelfth Street in Barataria when a silver Nissan Tiida drove alongside him and stopped.

Police said its occupants opened fire, hitting him several times to the upper body.

Alexander slumped in the drain that he was cleaning and died. Alexander lived at Beetham Gardens.

Police believe that the murder was gang-related, however, were yet to determine a motive.

Alexander’s relatives believe that he was killed because of where he lived.

“People may think he into gangs and is a gang member but you cannot kill somebody because of where they live and whom you think they associate with.

“Not because you live in the Beetham you are a gangster,” the relative added.

Police said that at around midday teachers at the school reported hearing several gunshots. Initially, they thought gunmen had run onto the school compound and opened fire. However, police officers from the Port-of-Spain Inter-Agency Task Force who responded confirmed that gunshots were fired in Beetham community, which is located south of the school.

Police believe that the firing off of gunshots may have been “related” to Alexander’s murder as a sign of “grief” and “respect.”

A teacher at the school, who asked not to be identified, said that the school is situated in the “heart of gangland.”

“Every day we hear gunshots ringing out from all around. Sometimes it’s so normal that there is no reaction towards it but today it sounded so close as if the gunmen were actually in the school.

“We couldn’t tell what direction they were coming from. It was a frightening experience.”

“It seems as though this gang war will never end because is Laventille against Beetham and John John against Beverly Hills and we caught in the middle of it. Our lives are at risk every day, including the children,” the teacher added.

Investigations are continuing.


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