Trinidad: Woman prevents relatives from killing large boa constrictor snake


(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — When a seven-feet long boa constrictor slid across the family’s yard in Rousillac on Tuesday, Monique Nagessar came to its defence.

Neighbouring relatives wanted to kill the snake that wrapped itself around a bougainvillea tree and tried to camouflage itself in the branches.

Nagessar said that she stood by the tree and told her relatives that they had to get past her before they get to the snake.

“I got in a lot of trouble trying to protect the macajuel from people who wanted to kill him. They were scared and were quarrelling with me to kill him. I kept telling them that it was illegal to kill the snake. They were bashing me. They wanted to kill it and get it over with. If they had a choice they would have killed it out of fear. But I was arguing back that it was just trying to find its way, trying to go somewhere else”, she said.

The snake was slithering across the family’s yard when it was discovered by her nine-year-old nephew.

He and his older brother raised an alarm, telling their parents, and aunts and uncles to “come see a big snake”.

“Everyone started to panic because of the size of it. The snake went up on the bougainvillea tree. All of them were talking about killing it, not knowing that it was illegal to do that. I told them nobody killing this snake. I stood up there and went online and tried to find a number for someone to come and rescue it. I called a lot of numbers to get the game warden”, said Nagessar.

Senior game warden II Steve Seepersad responded to the call to rescue the snake.

Seepersad captured it and released it in a forested area in Quinam later that day.

Nagessar said that she had a soft spot for snakes, and was one who was in defence of Mustard the Burmese albino python when it bit a zookeeper at the Emperor Valley Zoo in July.

Zoo keeper Walter Bonyon was bitten as he dropped a meal of a dead rabbit in the python’s cage.

The attack was captured on video and shared on social media, people were deeply divided over the actions of the snake and the zookeeper.

“Ever since I was a little girl and I would go to the zoo and Mustard would be on display. And I used to like to go and touch them. I like snakes, I would like to have one as a pet but my mother would have a heart attack”, she said.

She said that other snakes have been found on properties surrounding her home at Grant Trace.

She said recently a dead macajuel washed up in a drain in their area.


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