Trinidad: Woman found with throat slit

Trinidad: Woman found with throat slit
Killed: Janelle Teeluck
Killed: Janelle Teeluck

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — A Cedros woman who was snatched by criminals during a power outage on Wednesday, has been found dead.

Janelle Teeluck, 42, of Bois Bourg Village, was found with her throat slit behind her home on Thursday.

Teeluck was with her sister and neighbour at the neighbour’s house when around 7.30 p.m. Wednesday two men wearing tactical clothing and armed with cutlasses stormed in and announced a robbery.

Police said the sister and neighbour were robbed of two cell phones and $1,400.

The criminals grabbed Teeluck and left with her.

The next day around 9.30 a.m. the neighbour reported the incident to the police and officers responded.

While searching around the premises, Teeluck’s body was found approximately 40 feet behind her house.

Officers of the Cedros Police, South Western Division Task Force and Homicide Region III responded.

Since Monday communities in Point Fortin, Chatham and Cedros have been affected by power outages.

The power outage led to the closure of primary and secondary schools, affected the Point Fortin Area hospital, and also led to an interruption in water supply throughout south western communities.

A press release from the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission on Monday said that emergency repairs were done to at the Point Fortin Substation to restore electricity to customers in Point Fortin and further south.

TTEC had said that a fault occurred on the 1kV board at the substation which distributes to the different feeders.

The power outage on Monday lasted for at least 14 hours, and there were sporadic outages throughout the week.

The generator at the Point Fortin Area hospital did not kick in, and the Accident and Emergency department had been in darkness for approximately four hours.


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