Trinidad: Whatsapp messages between 11-YO girl and 35-YO man under investigation

Trinidad: Whatsapp messages between 11-YO girl and 35-YO man under investigation

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Police are investigating a series of Whatsapp messages between an 11-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man, after screen shots of their conversation surfaced on social media.

The Children’s Authority has also become involved in the matter and is advising parents and guardians to be aware that “sexual grooming is a reality and a crime.”

Many on social media were angered when screenshots of the conversation between the man and the minor were posted and shared over 4,000 times.

In one of the messages posted, the parent got involved and questioned the married man, and asked where he got the child’s number. The man responded by saying on a dating site.

In a release from the Children’s Authority, stated, “Sexual grooming occurs when an adult befriends a child by building a close relationship in order to gain the child’s trust, with the intention of later engaging the child in sexual activity.”

The Authority referred to the Children Act, 2012, which states that a person who commits such an offence is liable “to a fine of fifty thousand dollars and to imprisonment for ten years or on conviction on indictment, to a fine of one hundred thousand dollars and to imprisonment for twenty years.”

The Authority advised that parents and guardians, “to get to know the adults with whom their child interacts whether it is in person or online. They should also pay attention to adults who give unwarranted gifts or want to spend time alone with a child. Children should also be taught not to give out personal information online.”

It also stated that is a parent or guardian suspects sexual grooming, they should take the evidence and any information about the alleged perpetrator to the Police and report the matter to the Authority’s hotlines at 996 or 800-2014.

In another series of screenshots, another married man has been speaking with a 15 year-old-year. Their conversation is graphic as the man also sent nude photos.

In these conversation the man admits he is married and wants to meet the young woman on Saturday at a KFC outlet. The man asked the teen to delete the message fearing he would get into trouble.



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  1. Sometimes we parents are not always around cus we have to we need to get them a phone to communicate with them.the question is,don't you think that ther should be a way we can lock certain apps on the phones,that the kids won't have any access to get to them?


  2. Having a phone is not the problem, the problem is that there are no restrictions put on the phones by the parents, parent control pass are out there


  3. Y does an 11 year old even have a fone? Some parents are just slacking now. A cheap Nokia fone is just fine although they could communicate also. Parents be more cautious of your kids.


  4. My 10 year old niece did the same thing, lied about her age, school and a whole lot more. Sometimes, the adult is not always the one at fault. As parents and caregivers, must we also take the blame for how our children and wards turn out? Yes, we must


  5. If I was the dad or mom, Id keep pretending to be the 11 year old. I'd lure his sick ass to a secluded location and end make this POS disappear. The texts will be deleted so no one would ever know where he disappeared to


    • In the first place why is a 11 year old on a dating site...they're quick to call the person a predator but I hear nothing about the parents dealing with the fact that their 11 year old is on a dating site...


      • We have to warn our kids about these type of things, What are we as are parents doing to stop this? It is to complian and say this or that , But what are we doing to protect of children, These days we cant even ask our kids fro teh phone they want top fight you, So how are we going to tackle this, i am open to your positive suggestions,


      • @tropicaldesire in this instance you should be quick to call the person a predator.... BTW how do you know that the man isn't lying to save his self? The fact that she said "what should i tell my mom?" Should let you know instantly that this is a minor? He didnt question the minor on what she was doing on a dating site nor did i see him question why she had to tell her mom? But he coldly replies "nothong, don't tell your mom nothing. I will drop you back home" thats a sick twisted bastard right there..... smh ! Don't blame the children because no matter what the adult should ALWAYS know better and say no to the chikd even if the child is the aggressor. No excuse for those predators out there! NONE!!


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