Trinidad: Tyrico Beach closed for a fete?

Trinidad: Tyrico Beach closed for a fete?

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Beachgoers who visited Tyrico Bay on Sunday were unable to access the public beach.

The North Coast beach was the venue for “Sandals”, a cooler fete, put on by events company, Y.U.P Life (Young Urban Professionals). Although it is still unclear whether the events company got permission to use the beach, those who visited the beach found a huge metal gate baring them entry, to accommodate the party which started at 1.00pm and ended at around 8.00pm.

When contacted via Facebook messenger, a representative from Y.U.P Life said he had no comment. “We’re not interested in speaking to any reporters at this time. Do have a pleasant day,” the representative said”.

San Juan / Laventille Regional Corporation, Alderman Anthony Roberts, Chairman of the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation, was not available for a comment. However, a source from the San Juan / Laventille Regional Corporation said although a request was made for permission to use the Tyrico Beach facility, but the request was denied.

“It did come for approval but corporation did not grant approval to this particular group. There is contention between the corporation and another private entity who has lease of use of the beach and they may have gone to them and gotten that approval,” the source said.

The Express also contacted Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell, who said he wasn’t in a position to comment on the issue. “I am not aware of the issue.”

The Maracas Beach facility falls under the Ministry of Tourism and is managed by UDeCOTT for the Ministry of Tourism. Tyrico Bay falls under the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation and therefore the question of the closure of Tyrico Bay ought to be directed to them”.


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