Trinidad & Tobago objects to Dominica’s plea for leniency at OAS

Trinidad & Tobago objects to Dominica’s plea for leniency at OAS
Judith Anne Rolle, Dominica’s First Secretary at the OAS, appeared surprised by T&T’objection.

(DOMINICA NEWS ONLINE) – In what was said to be an awkward and tense moment at the last meeting of the Organisation of American States (OAS), Trinidad and Tobago objected to a plea from Dominica for a two-year waiver of its fee at the organization.

The twin-island republic was the only member of the OAS to object after Dominica appealed for leniency due to the passage of Hurricane Maria.

“The post-disaster needs assessment also concluded that Hurricane Maria resulted in total damages of US$931-million and losses of US$382-million,” Judith Anne Rolle, Dominica’s First Secretary at the OAS said in making the case for the island.

She said that every sector of the Dominican economy had been impacted by Maria with the greatest loss being recorded within the agricultural sector at 33 percent, followed by the tourism sector at 19 percent.

In light of that, she asked that Dominica’s fee to the OAS, between US$15,000 to US$20,000 to be waived for 2018 and 2019 while the island rebuilds.

“Let me on behalf of the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica record our profound appreciation to all member states for their continued and invaluable support to the Commonwealth of Dominica as we advance recovery efforts in our homeland,” Rolle said.

But Trinidad had reservations and insisted that Dominica should still pay.

“This delegation is appreciative of consideration given to this matter. This delegation recognizes the goodwill expressed by the delegations. This delegation wishes to itself join in expressing goodwill in attending to this matter, but consistent with the position adopted in other multi lateral fora in the hemisphere, this delegation again wishes to offer for consideration, the option for the deferral payments of contributions, and where possible the implementation of a payment plan subject to annual review,” Anthony Phillips-Spencer, Trinidad’s permanent representatative to the OAS, told the meeting.

Anthony Phillips-Spencer, Trinidad’s permanent representatative to the OAS


Trinidad’s position left Rolle stunned and at loss for words.

“I am a little bit … I must say here I am a little bit, um, unsure of one of our member states concern and I seek clarity from this council,” she stated.

The motion eventually was passed and Dominica’s fees were waived.


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  1. Interesting chat. Most persons seem to think that its immoral to say lets wait until you are back on your feet to pay rather than don't bother to pay. Not sure if that is a proper classification of the statement. The main issue is what are the funds used for and what is the consequence of them not paying to the efforts of the organization. The two year waiver of fees is all good and well but it means either something will not be done or somebody else has to foot the bill. The next thing is what if two years isn't enough do they extend it for the entire period and then what are the consequences?


  2. I'm not straying from the fact that Trinidad has not helped Dominica in relief efforts but to vote against a request like that is inhumane.

    To the ungrateful senseless Dominican person's who think that spending 18 million dollars on Dominicas food security having the other islands think that the Government is squandering money, Shane on you. These are the same people who will go on a forum like this and tell the world that the Government is starving them and that they're worse than Haiti, please do not taint my island.

    I support the Government of Dominica when they said that they'll respond to their problems by rebuilding a climate resilient nation so after any storm, we'll have food security , material to cover our homes , communicationso etc so that we would not have to get handouts from the likes of Trinidad Governments and get STABBED in the back.

    At this point, we have learned our lesson as Dominicans and if it takes how many years to rebuild, we will rebuild stronger and better.

    GOD BLESS DOMINICA and GOD BLESS TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO and the rest of the region.


  3. As a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, I am ashamed! My mother was from Dominica.

    For the second time in less than six months, Trinidad and Tobago has the dubious honor of insulting the people of Dominica as she struggles to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Many Trinbagonians have been clutching their pearls this time, as our decision to vote against the waiver of OAS fees was done on an International stage, this however, is not the first time that we have shown our true colors to our battered Caribbean brothers and sisters.

    In October 2017, FAME – Caribbean headed by the Ultra Bespoke Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop OBE CMTT, owner of Maurice Sedwell on Saville Row (who is currently teaching a multi-million dollar Ultra Bespoke tailoring course in Macoya funded by the taxpayer), launched “The Green Runway Benefit for Dominica and Barbuda” under the patronage of the Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, on November 25th 2018 at O2 Park. No one even batted an eyelid back then when the benefit was cancelled/switched/moved and a new production titled ON STAGE, upstaged “One Common Intention” for Dominica and Barbuda.

    Instead of a charity benefit, what we witnessed was a state entity sponsored fashion show that featured Prime Minister Keith Rowley strutting the catwalk in sartorial style, wearing one of Andrew Ramroop’s 24 carrot Gold Stripes collection suits. Prime Minister Skerrit, who had already accepted Fame – Caribbean’s invitation and had other whirlwind visits scheduled around that invitation still came. He graciously thanked the people of T&T for our generosity, received seeds to help rebuild his country’s agricultural infrastructure, met with our hurricane relief management teams, attended a Thanksgiving Mass and interacted with the students of Dominica who are currently studying here.

    This snub to the people of Dominica went practically unnoticed as Mr. Andrew Ramroop’s enablers turned out in full support on NAPA’s stage, yet many of the same people are now cringing over our vote at the OAS meeting. As one member of the congregation at the Thanksgiving Mass held in Malick remarked in amazement “How do you uninvite a Prime Minister?” Such is the arrogance and the thirst for FAME that we would disregard those in dire need for a chance to strut in a spotlight.

    As a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago I would happily donate towards Dominica’s OAS fees in an effort to make amends for this second insult, and to let the people of Dominica know that there are those of us who really do care.


  4. Trinidad, like other nations is cursed by the Lord GOD Almighty for wickedness, corruption, immorality, hatred, vices, ethnic strife, false religions and so forth, so stop fooling yourself. But there's a way out. People must repent of their sins, begin to do good for His name sake and GOD will pour out tremendous blessings on this or any country. Some believe they can do a good deed here and there and think that impresses GOD who sees and knows all.


  5. Again, I am a Trinidadian, too. But, let's not forget, that of the 34 countries, T&T is the ONLY COUNTRY to have a dissenting vote. THAT IS SHAMEFUL.


  6. When you have undereducated morons politically appointed to posts they open their mouths and spew garbage everywhere. The current government in T&T have yet to show they have a clue to managing the country, far less understanding the situations of fellow Caricom nations. Cudos to the other OAS member states.


  7. I am very aware that Trinidad has supported Caricom nations when in need; however this is the second occasion on which Trinidad (not the people) has purported to react in a harsh manner towards such a request by another member state.

    I recall that when hurricane Thomas did damage to St Lucia, the prime minister asked for financial assistance from Trinidad, and I clearly recall the former prime minister of T&T Kamla Persad-Bissessar responding by saying that Trinidad is not an ATM machine for the Caribbean!! It came across as a very sinister and unkind comment...... however the people of Trinidad stood up against that comment in support of their st lucian comrades and she issued an apology.

    So this is not the first of such type of reactions or behaviour by Trinidadian gov't officials. However, I know that the people of T&T do not share the same view as the people who speak on their behalf in such instances.


  8. You know that Dominican Republic and Dominica are 2 very different countries right? I would hate to believe that you're still (in this day and age) confusing D.A with D.R


    • Maybe god done dealing with allyuh already,like I said before allyuh slight bad ..

      You disregard all T&T has done for the region for so long to pursue your dark and hateful agenda,mind yuh ain fall in that hole (AGAIN)/allyuh trying to dig for T&T.. So why god dealing with allyuj so harsh den,wah allyuh do so? Slight bad..

      The truth about this will come out and I bet T&T will come out looking very noble here,keep it up,bawl a lil louder ..

      Ungrateful people ,better we just look out for we alone because this is what you get for simply asking a question after demonstrating over and over our commitment to the region,nasty people ,allyuh better ask de same god whos wrath allyuh wanta thrust on T&T wah alllyuh do already to deserve all that you wishing for T&T.

      Soft heads ...


  9. Now the world gets to see how HEARTLESS Trinidad is, not "could be" you know, but HEARTLESS.

    I'm speaking from a Tobagonian's point ofview, that alone says it all.

    Anything bad that happens to that island it deserves it. Not to the people but the government.


    • Tobago?/what foolishness you talking,real Tobagonians know how important Trinidad is to them,T&T is one and your foolish rant would never change that.

      The nerve of you haters ,you talking about this small issue and you forget how generous T&T has always been to the entire region,gone with your foolish hateful agenda.

      T&T has the right to ask these questions,T&T is funding so many things Dominican right now it's a shame. T&T knows why it took this stance and you soft heads will soon realize ,maybe to the detriment of Dominican officials .

      We put our money where our mouth is,so we have a right to ask questions of where our moneys have been spent.

      Keep digging you may hate what you find.


  10. Let the overpaid Dominican officials take pay cuts and the country pay the bills just like every other responsible ordinary citizens do in Dominican Republic.


    • You know that Dominican Republic and Dominica are 2 very different countries right? I would hate to believe that you're still (in this day and age) confusing D.A with D.R


    • You do realize the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Dominican Republic are two different countries. This is about the Commonwealth of Dominica. A country still reeling from the after effects of a full on assault by a category 5 hurricane. Its in very poor taste to ask your neighbor for $20 while they are standing in the smouldering remains of their house that just burnt to the ground.


  11. Shame on the PR and T&T. To go against a fellow Caribbean island on this issue is unacceptable. One that through no fault of its own, suffered greatly during the last hurricane season.

    As it's sometimes said in B'dos, GOD wears pajamas but He doesn't sleep. In other words, He sees all. There's going to come a time before the Messiah returns when T&T may need support from other countries on a particular issue and/or need. She shouldn't be surprised if her neighbors turn their backs on requests for.assistance of any kind.


  12. I'm Dominican and all I can tell Trinidad thanks for the support after the storm. But if we ask for a Grace period to pay our OAS dues since we've lost everything then it's quite disheartening to learn of her malicious behavior.

    Remember that Dominican was the first island to aid St. Maarten, Tortola, Anguilla and Barbuda when they were hit by Hurricane Irma but sadly we got a hard blow from Maria.

    We will rebuild stronger, we shall revive our industries and our economy will thrive once more. To the people of Trinidad, thank you for your support but your hierarchy need to have a heart. What sense does it make for Dominica to remain in CARICOM after you've soo betrayed us during this EASTER Season. I guess we are to under Crucifixion for now but We shall rise again.

    Weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the Morning. GOD BLESS DOMINICA.


    • Trinidadians are shit. Trust me..
      Very crude rude racist arrogant jealous of others. Shit.


      • Speak for yourself! It's good when Trinidad helping out other islands when needed,for one arrogant decision made by government all Trinidadians is shit! It's totally wrong! Shame on you.


    • Your country is not asking for a "grace period to pay our OAS dues". You are asking to not pay the dues at all. Given the situation in your country such a request is not unreasonable and probably should have been supported. However, very mindful of Dominica's plight, the T&T fellow is suggesting that instead of not paying at all (i.e requesting a waiver) you pay the full fee when you are able to do so ( i.e defer payment) or make regular reduced payments. I see nothing unreasonable about that position.


  13. Let's not. Forget T&T has supports Dominica and has proven that time and time again ,don't let this illadvised position cloud up reality.

    T&T spent tens of million supporting Dominica over the last 2 disaster like no other island .

    To those wishing ill and cursing T&T take care allyih ain't get a next one before we get we own,the ill advised stance is unfortunate but the hate and ungratefulness displayed here by so called fellow Caribbean 'brothers' is disgusting and depraved ,we don't wish you bad we actually are usually first responders in many more ways than one,be it to help Barbados with their recurrent expenditure or Grenada with their electrical infrastructure ,maybe T&T knows why Dominica should be able to pay,allyuj slight bad and ungrateful wuss!


    • I agree and I'm Dominican. Trinidad took the rational stance based on what it knows to be the reality in Dominica. The fact is that the country CAN pay its 2018, 2019 dues... a mere EC$60,000. The government has a cabinet of 18 ministers for a population of just 69,000 people - the highest ratio in the Caribbean. The government has just squandered 18 million from the World Bank meant for relief to the farmers. I bet Trinidad and Tobago knows of THAT controversy. US$20,000 is nothing for Dominica to pay, Maria notwithstanding.


      • Yes man Dominica is we lil sister and we love allyuh_have plenty friends there/that money is peanuts ,2 trip with one of our choppers cost that,we made 100's and even won awards internationally for our aviation relief and rescue efforts ,we have opened our schools and entire country to Dominican citizens also ,and to now come here and hear T&T is the garbage of the Caribbean etc hurts ,not to mention our decades of generosity to the entire Caribbean and Guyana from official cars for PMs to cash loans that were forgiven we look out for the Caribbean,

        Sorry about the typos phone small screen and small keys..


      • I am curious to know how the government has squandered 18 million dollars that was meant for farmers I am a foreigner that wants to come volunteer my time to help rebuild damaged homes of the Dominican people when I hear of such corruption of those that are meant to be there as public servants to the people of Dominica it makes me wonder and hesitant perhaps the people of Dominica need to hold to account those of their government who are public service of the Dominican people


        • Triniidad&Tobago has always been there for other Islands when they are in need.
          Even in the time of Dr.Edic Willams.

          Many countries never paid back their debt.

          We all have our faults. But never bit the hands that have fed you.


      • Are you serious with that statement? You're making others believe that Dominica Government is corrupt?

        I can recall and it's on media youtube that every expenditure or Grant's given to Government were accounted for. The nation was well informed. Everybody wanted at this point of time and to read that nonsense you wrote saying squander money?

        The region must remember that Dominica is the most mountainous island in the Caribbean with little flat land, we just can't repair but do analytical studies to ensure that infrastructure is safe and that takes alot of money. If we have to do it then we will, without help from other islands. Pay OAS, UNDP, UN, FAO, OECS, CARICOM etc and leave yall starbing, you would still cuss.


    • I am a Trinidadian also, but i cannot excuse this action, or should it be inaction. This is inhumane.


  14. This breaks my heart TnT, Like Reallllllly?. Shit happens, today its them tomorrow could be you. Yes you don't want them to be a burden, but the hurricane Maria was horrible. God don't like ugly, and I know we always saying that God is a 'Trini' but He Ain't. He is a Just God, and you don't want God to bring Justice on my country if Trinidad. Geez


  15. I recall the same response from T & T when St Lucia was hit in 2010/2011.
    Each country face their own disaster. Theirs will come.


    • Keep wishing you sad human being ..

      Keep biting the hand that has fed every Caribbean country before in some way or the other .

      Nasty people some ah allyuh ..

      Take care you ain get a next one before T&T gets your wish.

      And if you do our assets will be there at first light to the rescue waving the red white and black.

      Ungrateful softhead s....some of you all so backward and ignorant its you in 1965 still.

      Long live T&T long live the Caribbean!


      • I, also am a Trinidadian. Let's hope we never have to endure an Irma, or any other "ACT OF GOD" !


    • You better watch what said about Trinidad.It is bless by God for always helping Caribbean Countries.


      • Trinidad, like other nations is cursed by the Lord GOD Almighty for wickedness, corruption, immorality, hatred, vices, ethnic strife, false religions and so forth, so stop fooling yourself. But there's a way out. People must repent of their sins, begin to do good for His name sake and GOD will pour out tremendous blessings on this or any country. Some believe they can do a good deed here and there and think that impresses GOD who sees and knows all.


    • You're a failure ..

      Ungrateful and disgusting fickle mammal .

      T&T will continue to stand strong in the region and will always be a beacon of hope and prosperity in the Caribbean and when the horn sounds again we will be there with our assets assisting kir Caribbean brothers and sisters .

      Backward small minded hater .