Trinidad: Three fishermen still missing

Trinidad: Three fishermen still missing

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — It has been six months since three fish­er­men went miss­ing at sea and their fam­i­lies are now beg­ging the Gov­ern­ment to get in­volved in the search to find them.

Dur­ing an in­ter­view, a close rel­a­tive said the strange dis­ap­pear­ance of fish­er­men Bar­ry Boban, 34, Shane Har­ba­jan, 25 and David Williams, 39, has haunt­ed them since the men dis­ap­peared on Au­gust 19th 2018.

Un­like the re­cent plight of six kid­napped fish­er­men of Morne Di­a­blo Pe­nal, there was no ran­som call for the Moru­ga fish­er­men.

No­body saw them be­ing kid­napped. The last time they were seen was when they left to go on a fish­ing ex­pe­di­tion on the out­skirts of Venezuela.

The rel­a­tive said Boban of Cra­paud Trace, Pe­nal Rock Road, told her to keep an eye out on his house on the morn­ing he dis­ap­peared. “I don’t know why he asked me to watch his house. Maybe he knew what he was go­ing to do. I don’t know what hap­pened out there but we think maybe they were at­tacked by Venezue­lans.”

She said Har­ba­jan, 25 of Jhu­lai Trace, Pe­nal was an on­ly child.

“He came to the house about 4 pm that day and called him out to go fish­ing. The oth­er man David Williams al­so went out to sea with them. We don’t know how far they were out. That was the last we heard of them,” she said. The dis­traught woman said since the dis­ap­pear­ance they have been get­ting dreams.

“My sis­ter dreamt twice that he was tied up and left some­where. He told her he was tired of be­ing tied up and he want­ed to come home,” she said. Boban’s moth­er told the fam­i­ly that last month she heard Boban call­ing her name from a win­dow at her home. When they checked, no one was there.

“This is haunt­ing us. We want clo­sure. We want to know what hap­pened to them,” she cried.

She not­ed that the An­ti-Kid­nap­ping Unit was con­duct­ing in­ves­ti­ga­tions but has not been able to find the men.

“ I want the gov­ern­ment to con­tact t the Venezue­lan gov­ern­ment and do some en­quiries. They seem to be for­got­ten. Peo­ple are as­sum­ing that they are dead but I think they are still alive. The right pro­ce­dure was not fol­lowed to look for him. It went un­no­ticed and did not get the at­ten­tion as the oth­er fish­er­men who went miss­ing,” she said.

Po­lice said yes­ter­day that they were seek­ing the pub­lic’s help to find the miss­ing fish­er­men. Any­one with in­for­ma­tion can call the near­est po­lice sta­tion or Moru­ga po­lice at 656- 7001.


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