Trinidad: Teen fined $2,000 for smoking weed in public

Trinidad: Teen fined $2,000 for smoking weed in public
Not the actual image of the drug seized in Dennery
Legalising marijuana for recreational use in the US Virgin Islands could provide enough funding to save the Government Employees’ Retirement System, according to Governor Albert Bryan Jr. Photo: VI CONSORTIUM

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A TEENAGER charged with smoking marijuana in a public place was yesterday convicted by the court.

Defence attorney Shiva Boodoo said while pupil Tearath Narine pleaded guilty to the offence, his client was still not yet sensitised to the amendments in the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act.

It was yesterday morning that the officers on patrol along the Chaguanas Main Road saw Narine holding and smoking a cigarette of unusual length and thickness. It was examined and found to contain marijuana.

He was charged by constable Mohammed. The matter was prosecuted by Sgt Toussaint.

Boodoo said Narine, 19, of Cunupia, lit the item and there was evidence of the wrapper being burnt at the tip but Narine had not yet inhaled or exhaled when he was held. He said his client had not wasted the court’s time.

He admitted that Narine in the past had marijuana-related charges.

He also said that his client was not familiar with amendments to the recently proclaimed Act.

Chaguanas Magistrate Nicholas Ali warned him that he needed to familiarise himself with the description of a public place.

Narine was fined $2,000 for the offence. He was given three months to pay the money or face 30 days hard labour.


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