Trinidad: Super wife -Woman chops burglar, saves husband

Trinidad: Super wife -Woman chops burglar, saves husband

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A CHAGUANAS woman defending her husband and home chopped an intruder who broke into the house on Wednesday.

As her 59-year-old husband fought the cutlass-carrying criminal, the woman grabbed a chopper and fought back.

She chopped the intruder on the right forearm. The wound was so severe that he ran out of the house leaving a trail of blood.

Hours later, police arrested a suspect – a man who went to a Chaguanas hospital seeking emergency attention for the wound.

The suspect, a senior police officer said, was terrorising home owners in Edinburgh 500, Endeavour and Lange Park where there have been a series of a break-ins and robberies in the last two months.

In some of the instances the homeowners raised alarms and the intruder ran off without taking anything.

Around 2.30 a.m. Wednesday, a couple of Rodney Road Extension awoke when they heard noises in their home.

The couple’s two children were asleep in their bedrooms.

The husband checked the rooms and found several louvers removed from a window in the kitchen.

Police said the victim confronted the intruder, who then attacked him with a cutlass.

The victim and the criminal began to struggle, which woke the victim’s wife.

Police said the woman took the chopper and dealt with the problem.

The thief retreated through a window, and ran through the bushes.

Police were contacted and officers of the Chaguanas CID and Central Division Task Force, led by ASP Richard Smith responded.

Officer followed a blood trail that ended where the suspect may have entered a vehicle.

Investigators searching for the intruder enquired at the surrounding health centres for the suspect.

He was found at the Chaguanas District Health Centre.

He was transferred to the Mount Hope hospital and warded under police guard.

The husband sustained minor cuts and was taken for treatment.

The wife was unscathed, police said.

Involved in the investigation are ASP Smith, Corporal Philips, and Constables Bajan and Backan.


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