Trinidad: Sleepwalking thief jailed

Trinidad: Sleepwalking thief jailed
Magistrate Nizam Khan

(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) – CAUGHT in a van, which he stole from the owner who had gone to buy doubles, Timothy Maharaj claimed he was sleepwalking when he committed the crime.

Maharaj, 38, pleaded guilty today before magistrate Nizam Khan in Port of Spain 11th Court, charged with larceny of the van. Prosecutor Sgt Decklon Castro told the court that on May 22, the owner parked the van on Don Miguel Road, Barataria, leaving the key in the ignition. While buying doubles nearby, Maharaj went in the van and drove off.

Toco police found him seated in the stolen van near Salybia beach later that day.

Today, Maharaj was unrepresented by counsel. Saying he was telling the truth, Maharaj blamed his action on sleepwalking. After Khan scolded him for stealing, the magistrate sentenced him to three years hard labour.


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