Trinidad: Police Complaints Authority probes police killing of Danah Alleyne’s boyfriend

Trinidad: Police Complaints Authority probes police killing of Danah Alleyne’s boyfriend
Keone Paryag and Danah Alleyne
Keone Paryag and Danah Alleyne

(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) — The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has initiated an investigation into the police killing of 34-year-old Keone Paryag at Chaguanas, on Friday.

The officers involved must also report to Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to explain the circumstances under which the incident took place.

Senior police told Newsday that Griffith’s office will be looking at a viral video as they investigate why Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne was present with a gun. Paryag was the boyfriend of Alleyne’s sister, Danah.

Paryag was killed in a hostage situation at her apartment at Biljah Road Extension in Chaguanas. In a media release, the authority’s communications unit said, “The PCA’s civilian investigations will conduct an independent investigation of this matter, after which a report will be forwarded to the authority.”

On completion of the report, the authority would determine whether to make a recommendation to prosecute and/or for disciplinary proceedings or closure in its investigation.

The release added, “As an independent oversight body, the PCA is committed to ensuring that no police officer acts above the rule of law and to empowering the citizenry to report incidents of police misconduct and /or criminal activity.”

Reports are Danah was reportedly held hostage by her boyfriend, a licensed firearm holder, at an apartment, at about 6 pm, on Friday. Shots rang out from inside the apartment and neighbours contacted the police. Supt Wayne Mystar and other officers went to the scene.

After tense moments of hostage negotiations, the police lured Paryag out of the house. In a video posted on social media, the police are heard calling out the suspect by name, telling him to put down the gun, while an officer instructs people gathered to stand back.

“Just drop the gun (name called), it’s me and you alone. Me and you, please. Yes boss, drop it please, ah begging you,” the police negotiator pleads as the inaudible voice of the suspect is heard responding.

Paryag, who also had a licensed gun, came out and the officers ordered him to drop his weapon. A police report said he refused and instead pointed the weapon at them and officers shot him in a leg. His gun was removed and he was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility where he died.

The PCA is calling on any witness with information to contact its office at 627-4383/ 627-4386 or via email at [email protected]


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