Trinidad: Mr Killa wins Power Soca title; Teddyson John 2nd in Groovy (video)

Trinidad: Mr Killa wins Power Soca title; Teddyson John 2nd in Groovy (video)
Mr. Killa and Teddyson John (Guardian T&T photos)
Mr. Killa and Teddyson John (Guardian T&T photos)

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — Grena­da so­ca star, Mr Kil­la has won the 2019 Pow­er So­ca cat­e­go­ry in the In­ter­na­tion­al So­ca Monarch com­pe­ti­tion.

The re­sult came as lit­tle sur­prise to many as Mr Kil­la, whose re­al name is Hol­lice Jon­ah Mapp, was rid­ing high in the lead-up to the event with his pop­u­lar, ‘Run With It’ that called on par­ty­go­ers to “pick up some­thing and run with it”.

He per­formed in po­si­tion num­ber 6 out of 8 com­peti­tors.

Mr Kil­la’s per­for­mance was in front of an elab­o­rate set in the form of a cas­tle, while he was dressed as a king sur­round­ed by glad­i­a­tors.

Dur­ing his per­for­mance, which whipped the crowd in­to a fren­zy, he open­ly chal­lenged com­peti­tor Iw­er George, say­ing that Iw­er could not beat him to the ti­tle this year.

Iw­er, who came in 2nd sang right af­ter Mr Kil­la, and he too came out dressed as a king with a crown and a throne, with his well-known ‘Bless­ings’ wa­ter song.

Iw­er re­spond­ed dur­ing his per­for­mance, telling the au­di­ence that it would be wrong for a Grena­di­an to walk away with $1 mil­lion, ahead of a Trinida­di­an.

He al­so ar­gued dur­ing his per­for­mance, that while it was okay for a Grena­di­an to come here and per­form, Trinida­di­ans could not go to Grena­da and com­pete.

Iw­er had the crowd mov­ing as well for most of his per­for­mance.

Third place went to Mr Legz with his song ‘Win­ing Chal­lenge’.

In the Groovy cat­e­go­ry, which took place be­fore Pow­er, the judges gave the nod to Swap­pi with his per­for­mance of ‘Par­ty Start’ in po­si­tion num­ber 8.

He took home $500,000 for his ef­fort.

The sec­ond place went to Ted­dyson John who per­formed ‘Vent’ in po­si­tion num­ber 1, while third place went to V’ghn per­form­ing ‘Trou­ble In The Morn­ing’ in po­si­tion num­ber 2.

The list of the top three in each cat­e­go­ry:

Pow­er Cat­e­go­ry

1. Mr Kil­la – ‘Run with It’

2. Iw­er – ‘Bless­ings’

3. Mr Legz – ‘Win­ing Chal­lenge’

Groovy Cat­e­go­ry

1. Swap­pi – ‘Par­ty Start’

2. Ted­dyson John – ‘Vent’

3. V’ghn – ‘Trou­ble in the Morn­ing’


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  1. Iwer, your arguments are those of a desperate man. Hush. The competition is not called the International Soca Monarch for joke. We can't be boasting of being the Mecca while perpetuating insecurity. Whether we can go to Grenada to compete is irrelevant and no one tries to stop you from going all over the world to perform for money. Stop your foolishness and be grateful for what God has blessed you with.


  2. Iwer should be ashamed to make a comment like that. Seems like he should have splashed some water in his own face and give himself some blessings.


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