Trinidad: Mom chopped in school-work argument with son

By Trinidad Express

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(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – AFTER a scolding from his mother about his school work, a 15-year-old Freeport schoolboy was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly chopped his mother with a cutlass.

The woman is in critical condition at hospital, being treated for multiple chop wounds to her head, chest and arms.

So severe were some of the wounds, police said, that one of the woman’s arms was almost severed.

Police were called around 7.30 a.m. to the home at Butler Village, Waterloo.

Officers were told that the boy’s father returned from work and asked for his wife.

The father also asked the boy why he was not in school.

The boy did not respond, but sped off on his bicycle.

The father entered the house and found his wife bleeding from multiple chop wounds.

He raised an alarm and paramedics and Freeport police were contacted.

The mother was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery.

Officers of the Central Police Division began searching for the boy and found him hiding in the Freeport district.

He was arrested and officials of the Child Protection Unit were expected to assist in the police investigations.

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  1. It's not right but a Monkey don't make a Pig.
    We don't know what the hell is going on in that house .
    Just cause your name mother don't mean you are a good person.
    Still, my prayers go out to her.

  2. OMG those children of today, you can't talk to them. Mom i wish you a speedy recovery,this is heart renching, it will take a lot of counceling to get over this hurt. My prayers goes out to you, feel better, God's blessings. Leave it in the hands of God, he is still your son just let god take control of his life. The bible says this is a generation of vipers.

  3. Man i would poison that rass...You chopped your own mother?The one who carried your worthless ass for nine months and could have aborted you but didnt?what sort of demon would possess you to do that?I do hope that the trinidad authorities lock you up like an animal indefinitely because you are no use to anyone and you are quite simply stealing valuable oxygen from well deserving people...Im completely annoyed and sadden at the same time...😡😡😡😡😡

  4. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Some parents need to understand no amount of pushing will get their disaffected child to engage in education. Some young people will only learn in hard knock schools, where if they are open and honest, recognise missed opportunities, learn from the experience and grab any opportunity, when in a blue moon, it comes knocking. Hard knock schools are any lockup or circumstances that cannot be escaped from: prisons, mental institutions and unemployment due to lack of qualifications, poor character and no marketable skills.


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