Trinidad: Kidnappers dig grave for victim, buries him neck deep

Trinidad: Kidnappers dig grave for victim, buries him neck deep

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — KIDNAPPERS beat and dug a grave for an 18 year old Point Fortin man as they demanded information over missing marijuana.

After enduring hours of torture, the teenager, released and dropped off at his father’s house on Monday.

The victim told police that around 10.15 p.m. on Monday he was walking along Cap de Ville Main Road in the vicinity of Gunhill when he was approached by two men, one whom he knows and another wearing a mask armed with a firearm.

The teenager said he tried to run away but the two men caught him.

The two men beat him and demanded information about 20 pounds of marijuana.

The teenager told them that he did not know about the narcotics, but the men tied up his hands and feet, and covered his mouth with brown tape.

He told police that they took him to an isolated area in Gunhill where they dug a hole and threw him in it.

They covered him with dirt up to his neck, placed a metal object to his neck, and beat him.
He was left there for some time, then pulled out of the hole.

The men dropped him the teenager at his father’s house and sped off.

The teenager’s relatives took him to the Point Fortin Area Hospital where he was treated for injuries to the neck, hands, back, chest, arms and legs.

PC Jagoo of Point Fortin Police is continuing investigations.


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