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Trinidad: JP spelt ‘duck’ as ‘dock’ — case thrown out


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Ducks being poisoned: Cunupia livestock farmer Marlon Charles at Express House, Port of Spain, on Monday.

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Cunupia livestock farmer Marlon Charles is appealing to Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat to assist him with compensation for his ducks and “common fowls”.

Charles, known as “Duckman”, visited Express House in Port of Spain on Monday, and alleged one of his neighbours had poisoned all of his livestock.

The matter was heard in the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court on December 19, 2018, but Charles got no compensation since the justice of the peace spelt “duck” as “dock” and the matter was thrown out.

Charles claimed he bears the brunt of his neighbour’s wrath because the neighbour wants his property that houses the duck ponds and pens.

“My neighbour has been poisoning my ducks. When I took him to court, they spelt ‘duck’ as ‘dock’, so the magistrate threw out the case.

“I got no compensation. I lost about $250,000 worth of livestock. A drake weighing about four pounds fetches about $240,” said Charles.

“My drakes were dropping like flies. The ducks were dying with eggs ready to pop out of the cavity. It is cruelty to dumb animals.

“It hurt me to see all my sweat and energy going up in smoke. I feel it is also ­because they want the property where I have my duck pens.

“My duck pens are dila­pidated because I don’t have any money to maintain them,” he added.

Charles said he sought redress from Caroni East MP Dr Tim Gopee­singh and he visited the Ministry of Agriculture in Chaguanas, but to no avail.

“I am pleading with Ram­bharat to intervene. Duck meat is a delicacy. My duck meat is sweet and moist. I ensured the place was well kept and not smelly.

“I am a humble man. I just want compensation so I can start again. I am appealing to any animal society who can help me.

“I have my bills to pay. I have to look after myself and my home. I can’t go back to the courts again,” he ­lamented.

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