Trinidad: Govt pulls the plug on liquor marts

Trinidad: Govt pulls the plug on liquor marts

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – National Security Minister Stuart Young said Government will pull the plug on the sale of alcohol by liquor marts.

Speaking at today’s press conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s, where new initiatives for the conduct of business by essential services were outlined, Young said: “We’re being asked about alcohol and this topic of retailers selling alcohol. So one of the amendments that will be made today is to make it clearer that now it is only the supermarkets that will be selling alcohol, so those retailers, the liquor marts etc, are not meant to be essential services.

“What we’re trying to achieve here as we’ve been painfully stating over the past week is we want people to stay at home. So the regulations will be amended today to say that the suppliers, wholesale suppliers of food and beverages to the retail suppliers but not to members of the public, to clarify that.”

He said people have been getting into a dispute over all the various types of liquor licences.

“Buy your alcohol in the supermarkets, and you can’t consume it on the premises or outside the premises, please go home and do your consumption.”

Young also said that fishermen will be allowed to continue their business as usual since they have been deemed to be essential.

“Fishermen are essential, we specifically add fishermen and agricultural workers, so fishermen can continue their fishing.

“We are asking the fishermen that in the sale of fish please continue to listen to the advice of the chief medical officer and the Ministry of Health with regard to proper social distancing and proper social hygiene.

“It does not mean that people should go and mass congregate where the fish will be sold. As we know throughout Trinidad and Tobago the vast majority of those places are very close to where the fishermen come in,” Young said.

He called for people to be aware of the personal hygiene and if possible, call the fishermen in advance to say they are coming for their fish since many of the fishermen have their regular customers.

“When you get there exercise social distancing, and of course, the police will do the best they can to encourage people to continue to engage in proper social responsibility, which includes the social distancing.”

The new initiatives come into effect on Tuesday and will run until April 30.


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