Trinidad: Frantic search for autistic infant who walked into bushes at night

Trinidad: Frantic search for autistic infant who walked into bushes at night
Missing: Gyasi Griffith
Missing: Gyasi Griffith

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Autistic four-year-old Gyasi Griffith disappeared from the home of his grandmother in Borde Narve Princes Town at 1:30 a.m. on Monday.

Police are searching the area at this time. The search area includes a river and abandoned sugarcane fields.

According to Griffith’s mother, Abigail John, Gyasi was taken by his father from their home in St Madeleine on Sunday evening to pay a visit to their grandmother, Marion Richards. After spending some time together, he was left in the care of his grandmother as his father left to conduct some business.

John told the Express that later in the night, Richards made some tea and gave it to her son. He was then left alone to drink the tea. The front door to her home was unlocked. Shortly after, John began calling out to Gyasi as she could not find him.

“He was up there since Sunday and has been missing since 1:30 .a.m. The grandmother made some tea for him in the night. After that she started calling him but he wouldn’t respond since he’s nonverbal. She checked and he wasn’t there. She couldn’t find him anywhere so she called the police. I got the call at 3.a.m.that my son is missing,” she said.

John said that her family has been in constant fear since his disappearance and that she has been harassed by people who are not familiar with her situation.

“I am not eating or drinking until I find my son. He doesn’t speak, he is autistic he has never done anything like this before. It is so unlike him he doesn’t even leave the yard when playing so I don’t know how he would just leave the house like that. People on social media are saying that I neglected my son, I have never neglected my son. I love him so much he is everything to me. I don’t know what to do,” she said.

She said that neighbours and family members have been conducting searches in and around the area to find the missing child. However as of present, he has not been found.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Gyasi Griffith should call 999, 555, 911, 800-TIPS or contact the Princes Town Police Station at 655 2231


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