Trinidad: Female pastor stabbed to death by another pastor who is Guyanese

Trinidad: Female pastor stabbed to death by another pastor who is Guyanese

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — A Long­denville pas­tor was al­leged­ly stabbed to death by an­oth­er pas­tor last night.

The blood­shed evoked hor­ror among wor­ship­pers in the com­mu­ni­ty of Gill Trace, La­m­ont Street, Long­denville, where the de­ceased Al­isa Ali lived and wor­shipped.

In­ves­ti­ga­tors said Ali, 42, op­er­at­ed a church next to her home. Last night at around 10.30, Ali re­port­ed­ly got in­to an ar­gu­ment with an­oth­er re­li­gious leader who is be­lieved to have stabbed her mul­ti­ple times on her face and up­per body.

Her chil­dren, who heard the com­mo­tion, ran in­to her bed­room and found her bleed­ing from stab wounds.

The sus­pect, who is a Guyanese na­tion­al, ran out of the house and up to­wards Gill Street. He then flagged down a pass­ing car and es­caped, wit­ness­es told po­lice.

Ali’s daugh­ter and son-in-law rushed her to the Ch­agua­nas Dis­trict Health Fa­cil­i­ty where she was pro­nounced dead on ar­rival. Of­fi­cers of the Long­denville and Ch­agua­nas Po­lice Sta­tions and Cen­tral Po­lice Di­vi­sion are up to this time search­ing for the sus­pect.

The T&T Guardian will bring you more in­for­ma­tion as this sto­ry un­folds.


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  1. Like most other religions of the world, the crucible of science is bearing down on the practitioners. Imagine a so-called man of faith finding support for the incarceration of babies.

    But then again, babies those holy people say are sinners once they exit the womb. Maybe the next move was to tie up the victim and place that on an altar and offer it as a sacrifice. Pure wickedness, blood, gore and symbolic cannibalism are part of the worshipping in many religions.


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