Trinidad: Father of female cops murdered at his home

Trinidad: Father of female cops murdered at his home

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — The father of two women police officers (WPCs) was shot and killed by a man pretending to be a landscaper in Diego Martin on Tuesday.

At around 1p.m. a man whose face was covered with a bandana and wearing coveralls similar to that of a “whacker-man” came calling at the Campbell house.

One of Campbell’s daughters, a police officer, came to the door. The killer asked for her father. She went to get him.

When 62-year-old Charles Campbell came, the man asked Campbell about a car parked on the road, before he began shooting.

Campbell died at the scene.

On Sunday night, a homicide officer came under attack outside his home in Chaguanas.

Two men fired on the officer who returned fire.

The officer’s wife and children were in the home at the time.

The officer was not injured but it caused alarm in the Police Service as attacks on officers have become increasingly brazen.


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