Trinidad: Fake cops kill State witness

Trinidad: Fake cops kill State witness

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — A 32-year-old woman shot and killed on Sunday night in Barataria.

The deceased has been identified as Veronica Franco.

Police were told that about 7.30 p.m. Franco was standing in her family’s yard at 12th Street, Barataria, talking to 31-year-old Kerry Fournillier, when two gunmen came.

Franco and Fournillier attempted to flee. Franco ran into the house and locked herself inside.

However, the suspects kicked down the door and shot her several times. Fournillier was also shot.

Residents called police and paramedics.

The victims were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where Franco was pronounced dead.

Fournillier remains hospitalised in a serious condition up to this morning.

Police told the Express that Franco was a State Witness in a recent murder.

It is suspected that she was targeted because of this.

This incident, along with a killing in Princes Town on Sunday night, has pushed the murder toll up to 179.

The comparative for the same period last year was 185.

When the Express visited the scene of the shooting yesterday, relatives were not present.

However, one neighbour claimed that the gunmen were pretending to be police.

“What happen was these two men roll in, in all black, dressed down like those SORT (Spe­cial Op­er­a­tions Re­sponse Team) officers nah. They were shouting, ‘Police! Police!’ when they approach them and thing. But the way they was moving they clearly wasn’t police. One of them had plaits in his hair and all,” a neighbour said.

“So they come in the yard, right at the end of the lime, and they move in a beeline to her. So they definitely came for her. They push people aside and thing to get to her. Then they kick down the door and all, and that was when they deal with her. Then they run off. Other people in the yard but it was only her and (Kerry) who pick up. So that told you they came with a plan,” the neighbour said.


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  1. That is SO SO SAD! ALOT of crimes will go unsolved because coming forward to do the right things means becoming a target yourself. We all in a tough spot when it come to these criminals.


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