Trinidad: Fake cops handcuff and kill ‘Danny Boy’

Trinidad: Fake cops handcuff and kill ‘Danny Boy’
Killed: Daniel “Danny Boy” Gowrie
Killed: Daniel “Danny Boy” Gowrie

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Men wearing police tactical gear shot and killed a Petit Valley man on Thursday night.

Daniel “Danny Boy” Gowrie, 35, was handcuffed and shot in the street outside his home.

Around 11.39 p.m. three men shouted “Police! Police” outside Gowrie’s home at Upper Stoer Drive.

His mother opened the door and the men with bandanas partially covering their faces, dressed in police uniforms and brandishing long firearms entered the house.

Gowrie was seated on a window ledge and the men ordered him to lie on the ground.

The men handcuffed him and took him outside.

The mother heard a commotion and then several explosions.

She looked outside and saw her son lying on the road beneath a street light.

He bore several gunshot wounds.

She said she saw a Grey Rav 4 speeding away down the street.


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