Trinidad: Evangelical Council has crime solution – Bible

Trinidad: Evangelical Council has crime solution – Bible

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – The pervasive problem of crime in Trinidad and Tobago can be solved through reading the bible and praying. This according to the Trinidad and Tobago Council of Evangelical Churches, which released a statement on Tuesday relaying its position on the country’s increasing crime rates.

According to the Council, a return to biblical values is needed to deal with the issue as crime is primarily an issue of spirituality.

“The Trinidad and Tobago Council of Evangelical Churches is disheartened by the high crime rate in the country. It would therefore like to call on the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to return to traditional family values as taught by the Bible; for crime is first of all a spiritual problem.”

As a result of this, the Council called for continued prayer and fasting by the religious community to combat a problem they believe is beyond human control.

“Therefore, the problem of crime is a result of our human nature; and this is evidenced by the fact that crime is not limited to any one nation, but is a global pandemic. It can only be brought into control, therefore, by abiding by the word of God and by spending time in prayer.”

The Council also stated that a depletion of family values and virtues has led to the decay of our society. They said that a restoration of our society is dependent on the values taught in the home.

“Life is all about relationships, and the most important relationships are family relationships. In fact, God in his wisdom created the family as the bedrock of society. When the family falls apart, it affects the well-being of society. In effect, the evils of society are symptomatic of the decline in family values.”

While other contributors to the crime problem were mentioned, such as societal and security issues, emphasis was placed on the counter productivity of blaming others for the state of the country.

The council urged for introspection and cooperation in place of blaming the Government or other bodies for the problems at hand.

“We can minimize the debilitating increase in crime when we stop blaming government, the church or someone else for its cause. I must ask myself what my contributions to the cause of crime are. Am I part of the problem or solution? The entire nation is apparently arrested by fear and mistrust.”

“With partisan mentalities there is a persistent blaming, and this sends a signal to the wider community that there is no real interest in relieving the burden of crime, but an interest in the promotion of selfish partisan political ambitions. Therefore, a solution to crime can only be found when citizens first look to the Lord, stop complaining, take responsibility for their individual actions, emphasizing family values and when politicians work together.”


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