Trinidad: Elderly woman beaten, strangled

Trinidad: Elderly woman beaten, strangled
Deokie Meera Mungroo

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — Ramjewan Mungroo looked bewildered as he sat outside his home yesterday, explaining to police how he left his wife in the comfort of their home, only to return to find her dead two hours later.

Mongru’s wife Deokie Meera Mungroo, 74, was beaten, bound and strangled downstairs her home along Papourie Road, Diamond Village, yesterday.

Reports stated that Mungroo left home around 10 am to pay a few bills in San Fernando. When he left, a former tenant and a handyman from Central Trinidad were at an apartment downstairs his home. Two hours later when Mongru returned home around noon, he made the ghastly find of Deokie on the floor with several bruises.

Mungroo called out to his brother Madoo, who was passing by the house with his cattle.

“He said, ‘come’, something happened to his wife because he said ‘Meera’. I tied up the animal and I went in. When I went in now, I saw her lay down flat on the ground. I went in together with him, and well, she was not moving, and that was it,” Madoo told Guardian Media.

Madoo recalled the horror of seeing his sister-in-law on the floor. He said she had blood on her face and a plastic-strap fastened around her neck. The killer/s also ransacked the upstairs apartment where his brother and sister-in-law stayed.

Investigators are now seeking to interview the former tenants to determine whether they could help solve Deokie’s murder.

Madoo said he could not say what led to his Deokie’s death but noted that one of the tenants was there when Mungroo left. He said the tenants had fought and cursed a lot during their stay there, so the couple asked them to leave.

A friend of the family told Guardian Media that the tenants, family of four, left over a month ago but returned to retrieve a few items and clean the apartment. The male tenant and the handyman spoke to Mungroo and appeared to be nice so he felt comfortable to leave home.

Up to mid-afternoon yesterday, Crime Scene Investigators were processing the scene while detectives from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations were taking statements. The couple lives alone and their son and daughter live abroad.


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