TRINIDAD: Drunk man on road crushed by drunk driver

TRINIDAD: Drunk man on road crushed by drunk driver

By Trinidad Express

A Matura man was killed after he was run over by a vehicle at Valencia on Thursday.

The deceased was identified as Elvis Marcano, 49, LP# 52 Toco Main Road, Matura.

Police suspect that Marcano was intoxicated and collapsed on the roadway.

Police also said that the driver of the vehicle was also found to be over the legal alcohol consumption limit when taken to the police station.

A police report said that at around 7.15 p.m. PCs Ramphal and Norville of the Emergency Response Patrol responded to a report at LP #46 Valencia Old Road where they observed the body of a man.

The body was lying on the roadway near a green Nissan B-14.

The driver of the car – a 45 year old man, of Chaguanas – told police that around 6.30 p.m. he was proceeding west along Valencia Old Road.

The driver allegedly said that at that time the road was poorly lit, and upon reaching the vicinity of LP# 52 he observed something in the roadway, which he believed was garbage and drove over it.

Moments later he was stopped by another motorist who told him that he just ran over the body of a man lying in the roadway.

Police and paramedics were contacted, and the man could not be revived.

He was pronounced dead by a district medical officer.

Responding were ASP Fitzworm, Insp Callender, Cpl Pooran, WPCs James and Kheerai, PC Ragoobar, and others.

The car was impounded at the Sangre Grande Police Station.

Police said the driver was expected to be charged with the offence of driving over the legal alcohol limit, and investigations continue into the death of Marcano.

An autopsy is expected to be performed next week.

Cpl Pooran is continuing investigations.


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