Trinidad: Driver shot dead after receiving death threat recently

Trinidad: Driver shot dead after receiving death threat recently
Ravi Ramkissoon
Ravi Ramkissoon

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — A Couva man was hot dead at his home at Basta Hall yesterday.

Ravi Ramkissoon, 49, a driver employed with Proman was entering the gates of his home when a gunman approached him and shot him five times around 4.30 pm.

He was taken to the Couva District Hospital where he later succumbed.

Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh, who was at his constituency office, rushed across to the hospital. He knew Ramkis-soon for most of his life.

Indarsingh said he was told that a week ago that a man, who moved into Couva from Sea Lots, threatened Ramkissoon.

He said claimed when Ramkissoon made a report at the Couva Police Station he was prevented from making the report because the police said Ramkissoon did not have the name of the man but an alias.

Indarsingh said the Police Complaints Autho-rity and the Commissioner of Police should investigate the actions of the officers at the Couva Station since they refused to take a report and follow up on the matter.

Indarsingh, the MP for Couva, said he was accosted by security at the Couva Hospital and treated in a hostile manner as he attempted to speak with Ramkissoon’s relatives who are also his constituents. Indarsingh said he planned to write a formal letter of complaint to the Minister of Health on this issue.


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