Trinidad: Driver found dead in submerged vehicle

Trinidad: Driver found dead in submerged vehicle
Killed: Sharaz baksh
Killed: Sharaz baksh

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Sharaz Baksh died in a vehicular accident in Williamsville last night.

Around 9.35 p.m. a passerby saw a black van submerged in a wide drain along Old Factory Road. A police report said police and fire officials were contacted and attempts including the pumping of the water from the drain were done to locate the driver.

His mother Ginda Persad said, “Around 2.30 (a.m.) one of the notepad he has and one of his pen float up in the water and we realize he down there.They get the pump and they bail off the water and his body was underneath.” She believes the 43-year-old father of three took medication and fell asleep at the wheel.

He had finished work at the Williamsville company he was employed.

She described the youngest of her three sons as a quiet person. Persad also has a daughter.

She said that days leading up to her son’s death she felt unhappy.

An autopsy is expected to be done tomorrow

Gasparillo police officers continue to investigate.


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