Trinidad: Doctor fired over social media race post

Trinidad: Doctor fired over social media race post
Dr Dhelia Gabriel
Dr Dhelia Gabriel

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) – The Ministry of Health has fired medical intern Dr Dhelia Gabriel who had been the subject of an investigation following her social media post in June.

She had been attached to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital.

In a statement yesterday, the ministry said that “after careful consideration of all the relevant facts and the terms of the Internship Agreement, it has officially terminated the services of Dr Dhelia Gabriel with effect from July 6, 2018.’

The ministry also said that in accordance with the individual’s right to confidentiality, no details of this matter would be discussed in the public domain.

Health Minister Dr Terrance Deyalsingh had said that Gabriel was the subject of an investigation into her social media posts and as such would not be allowed back to work until that probe was completed.

She was also removed from all clinical duties and had no contact with patients or her peers, Deyalsingh had said then.

Her social media post was race-related.


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