Trinidad: DJ identified as skeletal remains found in Guanapo

Trinidad: DJ identified as skeletal remains found in Guanapo
Zakary La Rose
Zakary La Rose

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – WITH only a pile of bones and tattered clothing to identify her son who went missing 65 days ago, Nikki La Rose says she knows it is him.

Police and forensic officers need legally satisfying proof to verify the remains that were found down a precipice in Guanapo last week.

And even though the forensic identification process has not yet begun, La Rose said she has already begun to feel closure.

“Yes that is him. That was the clothing I last saw him in. That’s the only thing I could recognise him by. The skull was shattered. There were just pieces. His hands were tied behind his back and his feet were also tied from the remains we saw”, said the mother.

Freelance deejay and ‘PH’ taxi driver Zakary La Rose disappeared after plying his vehicle for hire in Arima on July 11.

Zakary La Rose, 24, who went by the name “DJ Energy” in the entertainment industry, was seen at a taxi stand plying a white Nissan Tiida PDM 589 for hire.

He was expected to pick up someone that evening around 7 o’clock but did not turn up. The next morning his family reported him missing to the Arima Police.

Nikki La Rose said she saw her son that last day at the taxi stand located at the corner of Prince Street and Broadway.

She was coming home from work, and was travelling in a taxi driving behind the taxi he drove, working the Maturita Bye-Pass to Mount Pleasant route.

La Rose said her son did not see her that time.

Calls to his cell phone had gone to straight voice mail and he was never seen alive again.

Fake news

La Rose said her son worked as a freelance deejay at The Hive TT Sports Bar and Lounge in Arima, and at another bar at Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain.

The remains were discovered by sanitation workers last Wednesday afternoon and police responded but because of a lack of lighting officers retrieved the body on Thursday.

A team of officers from the Homicide Bureau, and the Northern Division, supervised by Snr Supt Daniel remained at the site until Thursday afternoon investigating.

La Rose said she was contacted and went to Forensic Sciences Centre last Friday to view the remains. After the viewing, the mother took to Facebook and made a statement.

“So unconfirmed info it’s Zack but testing to confirm the body’s real identity is in the process. Thankful for the support. Investigations ongoing. Additionally I have been accused of naming someone or someone’s of being responsible for my son’s disappearance. Fake news. I deal with facts and am leaving TTPS to do their jobs as I just want confirmation for closure for my family. It has been a very stressful two months as a mother and people who are accusing me are adding more stress as a grieving single mother. God is my strength but there is only so much I can take. People take advantage of meekness and think it is weakness please I need to mourn my loss in peace. Blessings”, the post read.

Struggling with ‘why’ 

She spoke to the Express yesterday about the remains she viewed.

“They were decomposed, there was no flesh on it. But they were his clothes. They (authorities) are going to confirm that the remains are his. The remains were totally unrecognisable. They haven’t taken DNA samples as yet, they will contact me. But from what he was wearing it was more likely than not, him,” she told Express.

La Rose said finding the remains was emotional closure for the family.

“We are glad for closure. It’s been 65 days since he went missing. We are glad that we get to bring him home”, she said.

She said the manner in which the remains were found left many questions unanswered.

But yet, she is relieved that she could “bring him home”.

“He was murdered and dumped. I don’t have any idea why. We are still struggling with the ‘why’. But right now it is not really important. His fans and his well-wishers want to know why but for me and his immediate family we are happy we got to bring him home. We know that is what he would have wanted – to come home. We needed closure. We are leaving the case in the hands of the police to do their investigations. That is not priority for me. I just wanted him to come home”, she said.


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