Trinidad: Catholic and Anglican churches suspend services over coronavirus

Trinidad: Catholic and Anglican churches suspend services over coronavirus

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) — All Masses at the Catholic church have been suspended, according to a media release from the Archbishop of Port-of-Spain.

“As we all know, the medical challenge with COVID-19 is changing rapidly….with the escalation that we are experiencing, the church needs to escalate her response as well as based on current advice. Remember, we are all called to prudence, restraint, and sacrifice.”

The statement said that the priority was the protection of God’s people, especially the vulnerable who make up a large part of the church.

The church urged its members to fulfil their Sunday obligation by participating in Mass on Trinity TV or Power 102 FM at 8 am Sunday.

The daily schedule will be released by Tuesday, the statement added.

“I encourage all persons to pray for increased solidarity and communion at this time. Specifically, I am asking all Catholics to pray as a family using scripture and the family rosary, asking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin.”

Anglican Church

Anglican Vicar General, Venerable Edwin Primus has advised that all Anglican Church services are being suspended with immediate effect.

According to their statement Saturday, church members should stay at home and to listen to the Anglican Voice on I.95.5fm Sunday from 8 pm.

T&T Muslim League discussing matter

Farz Khan, president of the Muslim League of T&T said the mandatory requirement of gathering for prayer at the mosque on Fridays may be modified and it is currently being discussed by Islamic leaders.

They will release a statement next week on whether members of the faith would have the option of not meeting at the mosque for prayer.

He said in North America and some parts of the Arab world Muslims can stay at home and prayer because of the threat of the coronavirus.

Maha Sabha

Meanwhile, Dr Rampersad Parasram, spiritual leader and dharmacharya of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha referred the Guardian to the media release they issued on Thursday.

The media release on Thursday stated that Children’s Phagwa would be cancelled and staff were asked to stay at home if they were sick, wash hands frequently, cover their mouths when coughing and sneezing, avoid people who were sick with respiratory symptoms, and clean frequently touched surfaces.


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