Trinidad: Businessman Michael Patrick Aboud apologises for Facebook comments

Trinidad: Businessman Michael Patrick Aboud apologises for Facebook comments
Michael Patrick Aboud
Michael Patrick Aboud

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Businessman Michael Patrick Aboud has apologised for comments he made on Facebook on Sunday regarding protests in the United States over the police killing of African American George Floyd last week.

Aboud was chastised by hundreds of people on social media for saying: “Burning and looting is not protest for any good. They use the Floyd matter to do what comes natural. An excuse.”

Many felt the post was racist. Aboud removed the post after widespread backlash.

On Tuesday afternoon he issued an apology on his Facebook page, stating his comment on Facebook was misinterpreted.

“I’m saying this with the utmost of sincerity, it was never meant or worded as a racial slur. But maybe it could of been communicated better. What I meant was that looting, rioting, assaults, innocent lives damaged, anarchy is not the answer or solution to any problem, the economy and lives that are affected would be your own. By the actions that the media displays in the states by rioters helps no one,” he stated.

According to Aboud, what he meant to say was that a fraction of society, of all races, ethnic compositions and religious backgrounds, had engaged in anarchy that “destroys the very communities in which they have to reside and survive and thrive upon”.

Aboud stated that he saw an African American man in the States crying and asking “why would you do this to me, why would you destroy my business, why would you steal from me, I worked hard in this community…and I ask myself it’s understandable that people would be hurt and oppressed against the vicious and unwarranted and heartless death of Mr Floyd, but how does what is happening help or even honour his memory or advocate for equality in all races?”

Aboud stated there were many peaceful and democratic protests which he was “all for…but the small fraction of society that is creating anarchy and destroying innocent, hard-working lives is what I was speaking against when I said do what comes natural. It was never geared to a race of any kind at all. At all. But for those whom were hurt, or upset by my miscommunication, I am truly sorry. It is not what I meant at all. I hope my thoughts here could somehow correct my misrepresentation of my statement, I really am sorry”.


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