Trinidad: Bra thief jailed – ‘I just wanted to lie down on them’

Trinidad: Bra thief jailed – ‘I just wanted to lie down on them’

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A MAN who said he stole six brassieres because he wanted to lie on them was yesterday sentenced to four years in prison.

Vincent Coutou, 53 of Erin faced charges of stealing the Bali bras together valued $2,000, stealing a $5,300 brush cutter, a brushing cutlass valued $120 and also for stealing power washer which cost $3,500. They were taken at different times from three people in Erin on Monday.

Police prosecutor Starr Jacob said it was at 4 p.m. last Monday that the owner of the bras washed her clothing and hung them on the line at Arena Village, Erin. She returned to discover six bras missing. The theft was captured on camera. When met by officers, Coutou told them, “Yes officer, I take she bra and them. I just wanted to lie down on them. It on the floor in my room.”

They were found the house and taken to court.

Alert also heard that at 10.30 a.m. last Monday the owner of a brush cutter and brushing cutlass secured his premises and left. He returned the following day and found that the items were missing. Coutou admitted to the police that he stole the items and he was sorry.

Magistrate Margaret Alert pointed out to Coutou that in the last ten years he had six convictions. She also told him that he was charged 39 times in his life.

Coutou said he had a broken hand but Alert told him in some countries he would have been without a hand, or in his case, both hands and legs.

She told him the maximum sentence for the offences was five years in prison. Coutou was sent to jail for four years with hard labour on each charge. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Coutou who denied the charge that he stole the power washer was denied bail. He will return to court on March 8 on this allegation.

Charges against Coutou were laid by constables Ramsaywack, Avelon Monsegue and Haniff Ogeer of the Erin police station.


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  1. Here is another stupid sentence. HOW can someone serve many sentences for many crimes at the same time (Concurrently) ?, instead of consecutively (following after each other) ? How does that work or make sense ?. Sentence should be served for each crime separately. Justice for each crime committed.


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