Trinidad: Boy, 12, charged with killing child who was stabbed and drowned

Trinidad: Boy, 12, charged with killing child who was stabbed and drowned

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A 12-year-old boy and his older brother have been charged with the killing of 15 year old Emmanuel Okira who was stabbed 15 times then drowned.

The younger sibling was charged with manslaughter, while his 18-year-old brother was charged with murder, a homicide investigator said.

Okira’s body was found on August 11 in a small river behind a church at Calcutta, Freeport.

An autopsy found that he had been stabbed 15 times, but he died from drowning.

Police said the deceased had known the brothers who live at Deo Trace, Freeport.

Okira lived with his mother Abia Williams at Seeram Trace, Calcutta #1.

Williams, 30, said her son left home on August 10 to go to the churchyard where he sold market produce.

Police said Williams spoke with her son on his cellphone at around 3.17pm. He called again an hour later, but he did not answer.

Williams said she became worried and went to the church at Calcutta Road #2 but her son could not be found.

A missing person’s report was filed at the Freeport police station later that day.

Police said officers searched the area but did not find the missing teen.

The officers returned at daybreak and followed a trail of blood behind the church.

Okira’s body was found in a river with marks of violence on the neck and head.

Instructions to charge the siblings came from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on Wednesday night.

The charges were laid by Sgt Susan John of Homicide Region III.

The brothers were expected to appear in court on Thursday.


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