Trinidad: Barber tells court why he kidnapped, robbed ‘himself’

Trinidad: Barber tells court why he kidnapped, robbed ‘himself’

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — A barber who reported to police that he was kidnapped and robbed has been fined for wasteful employment of the police by making a false report.

Trevon Lemessy, 25 of Moruga, was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine. Should he fail to pay the money in a month, he will serve four months hard labour.

Lemessy appeared virtually before Princes Town magistrate Indira Misir-Gosine.

As it pertained to his actions, he told of needing money to pay a man who had since threatened him. The barber said he was unsuccessful in getting relatives to assist with the cash. He decided to send them messages of a being kidnapped in an attempt for a $20,000 ransom to be paid. These messages were however unanswered. Lemessy later made the false report to the police that he was kidnapped and robbed.

He told them that around 10 a.m. on Friday he was awaiting transportation at King Street, Princes Town when a blue Nissan B14 stopped. He gave officers a full description of the driver of the car and the clothes he wore. He said there were two people in the backseat whom he could not describe.

He said he entered the vehicle, registration number unknown to him, and after a short time, one of the occupants announced a hold up. The barber told the police that his view was blocked when a covering was placed over his head. He said the car was driven for 45 minutes and he was taken to an unknown location where three men robbed him of his $700 cellular phone and his $180 wallet which contained his driver’s permit, identification and insurance cards and $120 cash.

The man said he was then taken to an abandoned house where he was told to escape and was able to do such. Officers conducted investigations which included visiting the scene and interviewing several people. A statement was also recorded.

In a subsequent interview with the police, the barber confessed that he made a false report. Constable Hamilton charged Lemessy for wasteful employment of police by making a false report that he was kidnapped and robbed.

During the court appearance the barber apologized and said he was at his wits’ end. Mohammed told the magistrate that Lemessy had no previous convictions.

Misir-Gosine fined the barber for the offence.


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