Trinidad: Bandits eat and drink merrily after ransacking house

Trinidad: Bandits eat and drink merrily after ransacking house

(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) – Bandits who broke into the home of two senior bank employees last Thursday enjoyed drinks from the victims’ fridge and also ate heartily before escaping with the couple’s RAV4, which was used to transport their loot.

The couple who were out of the country on vacation were told of the theft by relatives.

Around 10 am last Thursday the bandits, who arrived in a wrecker broke into the house and began removing electronic goods, jewellery and other valuables. They put the items in the couple’s RAV4, then returned to the house where they began eating and drinking, using the microwave to heat food from the fridge.

They then used the wrecker to wreck the RAV4 from the garage and drove off.

Earlier they had tried and failed to remove a car from the garage.

A relative whom the couple had asked to check the house daily discovered the theft when he went to the house a short while later.

He reported it to the Chaguanas police, who searched for surveillance footage to help identify the bandits.

Yesterday residents of Felicity said many business people from the area, as well as others, have been the target of bandits recently.

They said the matter was brought to the attention of a senior police officer who lives in the area and he promised to ask the head of the Central Division, acting Snr Supt Inraj Balram, to increase patrols in the area.


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