Trinidad: ‘Back to School’ Jouvert band outrages pastor

Trinidad: ‘Back to School’ Jouvert band outrages pastor

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – President of the Faith Based Network of Trinidad and Tobago, Pastor Winston Mansingh is outraged over a Facebook post showing the image of skimpily clad women in ‘school girl’ uniforms.

The image was posted by Jouvert band, iRAVE for its 2018 presentation – Back to School.

Mansingh said: “This sends the wrong message. The band iRAVE’s 2018 portrayal ‘Back to School’ shows school as a place you go to have sex. Obviously, the portrayal and the photos of the young ladies dressed very provocatively in skimpy school uniforms sends a very clear message, and it’s one that is very negative”.

“The education system already has it challenges we are not naïve but we should not add more weight and overburden a challenged institution,” he said.

Mansingh a practising minister at the Open Bible Standard of Churches said the band’s 2018 portrayal is a negative one, and puts a damaging image on the youths of this nation and the schools of this nation.

He said, “I call on the band leaders to do something more positive. I call on the Minister of Education, the Minister of Gender to raise their voices – and the Minister of Community Development responsible for Carnival celebrations to listen because bands like this should not have portrayals like this one on the streets of this country.”

Band leader for iRAVE Deron Boyce described his 2018 presentation ‘Back to School’ as simply a play on words.

The intention was to ‘bring it back to basics’ and include moko jumbies, steel pan and more of what Jouvert was like from long ago.

When asked if he was concern that his 2018 presentation might be taken out of context, he said, he didn’t think so.

He made it clear that it was not a school uniform depicted in the post but an iRAVE uniform, which consists of a coloured shirt and a skirt.


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  1. Just a reflection of the lack of morals all over the world nowadays. People are hell bent on doing their own thing, irrespective of the negative repercussions. To all the finger pointers, i say leave the pastor alone and make sure there's no hypocrisy in your lives. For GOD is the ultimate Judge of all matters, not us. As they say in Barbados, GOD wears pajamas but He doesn't sleep. Everyone must give an account of his/her life when that day arrives.


  2. Pastor you need to stay in your lane...why were you watching that in the first place? really can't change the lightning speed of those portraits all over social media and the world of even actual school girls in porn videos.if you can't nip it from the bud don't say nadda...carnival is paganism and it's publicly expose to those same school children.


    • So many conflicting opinions in your post. Anyway, I agree that the connotations of the picture are disgusting.


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