Trinidad: 80 jobless as Fun Splash Water Park closes

Trinidad:  80 jobless as Fun Splash Water Park closes
Flashback: Bathers using one of the pools at Fun Splash
Flashback: Bathers using one of the pools at Fun Splash

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Fun Splash Water Park owner, Vijay Ramai, says his decision to temporarily shut down operations due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic would not only result in a negative economic impact, but disrupt the lives of 80 employees.

Ramai announced that the waterpark will be closed on Saturday night, after social media unleashed an attack against a decision by management to promote the business as COVID 19-free because of its chlorinated water.

In an interview with the Express on Monday, Ramai said Fun Splash Water Park was his main business entity, which financed and supported other ventures in his business network.

“The cash flow of Fun Splash Water Ppark is used to support and subsidize other business ventures within my business network. Such other business ventures include a weekend buffet at the Park and an agriculture farm whose capital earnings can only be determine after crops are sold but needs capital expenditure in advance for start-up,” he said.

Fun Splash, he said, directly employed a staff of 80 people.

Ramai said he was concerned that his staff was now facing uncertainty and hardship.

“The management of FunSplash values the relationship with our workers and feels a sense of commitment to our employees to ensure that their daily lives are not disrupted; that employees can continue to put food on their tables for their families and loved ones; that their lives are not affected in a drastic manner,” he said.

Ramai has called on the government to implement social programmes to assist those employees who would be affected by the closure of business amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Other countries have put social plans into place to address such situations. Can we say the same about our Government and what are their plans to aid? Should private businesses like FunSplash waterpark turn its back on the employees during the uncertainty of the current situation? The government needs to reach out and work with private business to help alleviate the fear job loss to which families are being subjected,” he said.


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