Trinidad: 7 siblings vs sister over dead mom’s gold, property

Trinidad: 7 siblings vs sister over dead mom’s gold, property
The San Fernando Supreme Court
The San Fernando Supreme Court

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – The seven children of a woman who died last month have petitioned the court to have another sister hand over her jewelry to them.

They claim that the jewelry is in the hands of their sibling, Meera Mahabirsingh, who is also being asked to allow them access to the house in which their 82-year-old mother lived.

The seven siblings—Sieunarine Heeralal, Baliram Heeralal, Baboolal Heeralal, Camilee Seeth, Kalawatie Arjoon, Tooshnee Balkaran and Rajdaye Deonarine—say they want to perform final puja rites for their mother, Lutchmin Heeralal, who died on January 13 following a fire at her home. They said their father also wants to be able to perform Hindu rites for his wife and have a death anniversary puja in 2021.

In the application for the interim injunction filed by attorney Jeevan Rampersad, the siblings also called for Mahabirsingh to immediately unlock the doors of the Rousillac premises to allow them access to the property as they said they are the owners of the land on which their mother’s house was built.

They added that the house is regarded as the main family home, affording all the siblings the opportunity to visit or stay as long as they wish. They said this was the desire of their deceased mother.

The seven also petitioned the court to prevent Mahabirsingh from changing utility bills to her name and from doing any renovations to the property to avoid initiating any equity claims against them and also because these should be joint decisions between them and Mahabirsingh.

They also called for information with regard to money held in their mother’s bank accounts and her NIS benefits or pension.

The document also stated, “The claimants are calling upon the defendant to hand and/or deliver all the jewellery belonging to their deceased mother which said jewellery includes a pair of gold bera bracelet, gold earrings, gold rings (and) gold broad band with chain and ring.”

‘Great sadness’

Mahabirsingh’s alleged attempt to withhold their mother’s assets and/or to refuse them access to the property, they said, was causing great sadness, anxiety and grief among relatives, especially during this period of her loss.

Although Mahabirsingh had been served with a pre-action protocol letter, she refused them access to the property, the relatives claim. They have sought before the court, an interim injunction permitting them access to the property, including the removal of all locks from doors and windows, while the matter is pending or until further orders of the court.

They also want the injunction to refrain Mahabirsingh from transferring utility bills or performing any renovations or repairs on the property and for her to hand over the jewelry.

They are also seeking that Mahabirsingh pay the cost of the application.

The matter came up for hearing on Wednesday before Justice Frank Seepersad in the San Fernando High Court. He declined to make an ex-parte order. Mahabirsingh is instead to be served with the filed documents.

This was attempted in the past but was unsuccessful. Upon service, Mahabirsingh is to be given an opportunity to respond.

The matter will next be heard on March 11.


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