Tribute to Milan Ferdinand

Tribute to Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand

A poem was written by one of our readers as a tribute to the four-year- old Milan Ferdinand who lost his life as a result of abuse. See the entire poem below:

At the age of four I became another victim of child abuse. Cut off from this life! I didn’t survive this terrible ordeal.

Robbed of my toddler years, my innocence taken from me. What did I do to deserve this!?! Absolutely no one can tell me!  I was just a child living life, not privy to the dangers around me, and, in the blink of an eye my lights were put out!

The ones who were supposed to love and protect me inflicted pain on me! I was battered and bruised, pushed to the curb instead of being held and loved or showered with affection. Tears of joy, instead were tears of pain; happy memories which was supposed to be treasured, were replaced by memories of sadness and hurt.

My hugs were lashes to my body, my kisses were slaps to my cheeks and my I love you’s were words of disgust shouted at me!! My scars were evident but didn’t speak loud enough to the cries I made when I felt the blows, for no one came to my rescue when it mattered most.

As I fought for my life, my story was heard but it was too late; for no one could have undone the damage that was exposed. I cling to life thinking this was just another blow, with my family at my side they prayed and hoped but the Lord decided that this would be the last one. He instead called me home to place where I would be happy and free, a place where I can run around and be just what I ought to be: a four year old living life carefree.

My plea to you all is for my story not to end, for me to not become just another headline swept under the rug for there are many Milans all over this island, presently living as I once did. Please reach out, please help in any way you can just don’t allow them to become another me.

Written by Titoa Savery


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  1. Wow…You have me in tears….well written…Got two kids myself and my prayer is to see them grow into adults so they could take care of themselves….so afraid that I perish and somebody ends up parenting my kids….God be with us all…just can't fight back the tears 🙁


      • Thank you Titoa for honoring my little cousin's life. I never met him as I live in the U.S. But I have witnessed the systemic abuse of my father's culture and family. IT MUST STOP. Thank you for not letting little Milan Ferdinand's death be in vain by spreading truth in love in this poem putting a voice to his pain, and the pain of SO many others. God bless you.


        • You are welcome Michelle. The goal was for others to feel the pain of this innocent child and I think for almost everyone who read it that was achieved. Hopefully this pain will effect positive change!!


  2. touching peom toya .....i hope everyone reading it will look at their child ....another child differently now...


  3. Wow, the tear drops can't stop and the goosebumps keep coming. This was a heartfelt poem to a beautiful farewell. Let's just pray that justice for Milon will prevail. RIP my dear, the angels will give you what your step mom and dad failed to give...TLC


  4. Well written and very emotional. On another note, to all the people out there, who keep saying their people are uneducated, read this poem again. I salute the writer.


  5. Very well written. A strong message to ponder on. Human Services should put it on their wall for inspiration. The lazy attitude civil servants has.... It wasnt deemed serious hence they sat and got paid while the child endured abuse. These ppl have no conscience yet they are HUMAN Services. Pathetic!!!!


  6. So touching emotional poem, brought tears to my eyes. I am a mother of 2 with a stepdaughter that is the same age am my last child and it has neva once crossed me to shout as much as tink of hurting her dat way. It's sad how ppl seems to forgot these kids are innocent. Beautiful poem I love it


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