Tribute to Jeffa Belasse: An amazing, exceptional woman (from Titoya Savery)

Tribute to Jeffa Belasse: An amazing, exceptional woman (from Titoya Savery)

Editor’s note: Jeffa passed away in the U.S. on Tuesday (Oct. 2, 2018) after giving birth (SEE STORY). She was an employee of St. Jude Hospital and was a very active member of the Vieux Fort community, especially in sports, culture and pageantry.

The untimely news of your passing came as a shock wave washing over the community of Vieux-Fort leaving everyone who knew you in disbelief because it’s almost impossible to fathom the thought of you not being here in the flesh.

Like, how can that shy yet wide affectionate smile which warmed the hearts of many be no more?

The kind and fighting spirit, positive attitude, cool demeanor, and community leader.

How are family and friends to accept this grave lost?

Who is now going to take up the role that you once held; from encouraging the young ballers to go out with a winning attitude, the young ladies to embrace their authentic self and walk across any stage with poise and the upcoming future generation that you have helped raised and given so much of yourself to, expecting nothing in return?

It’s often said that the good die young and so it begs the question of whether this world has become too much of an ugly place for someone with a beautiful heart as yours?

By taking away the pillar that holds our community together, is this God’s way of telling us that we need to be more humble, kind and appreciative of our brothers and sisters?

Many questions left unanswered, many hearts left broken but in the midst of this chaos, you gifted the world with a beautiful baby girl which leaves no doubt in the minds of those who knew you that the Lord would make sure that she inherits your big and loving heart.

The Lord took you away for reasons unknown. Left a void in the hearts of all those who knew you while giving them your baby to fill it.

He decided that your work on this earth was done but for your community, it has just begun for they are now given a chance to raise your precious little girl.

We say to you

J…ust rest
F….or we your
F….amily and friends will ensure that your baby girl knows how much of an
A…mazing human you were.

B…elieve that your legacy will be an
E…verlasting reminder of your
L…oving attitude
A…ffectionate personality
S..weet soul and the
S….ensible human being who lived an
E…xceptional life

This isn’t goodbye but rather see you later until we meet again!

— Titoya Savery


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  1. I did not know Jeffa but I have some very close friends who knew her and were fond of her. All the negativity is unnecessary. We are focused on someone who was beloved by her community and being recognized for her dedication and hard work. My nephew is a product of her kindness...Asking critical questions, making sly remarks or suggestion is without merit AT THIS MOMENT.

    Titoya, I do not know you either, but your tribute was heartfelt and brought tears to my eyes. You shone a light on Ms. Bellas in a way it seems she well deserves. Thank you.


  2. None every child without a mother in this country is our concern.. There is nothing more than a Mother's Love!! Anonymous Samantha' s twins are at Aunty MayMay_pre School in Vieux Fort. You can visit them and lend a hand.
    None Jeffa would not be pleased with your attitude.
    Thank you


  3. May I ask how old she was? Just curious she looks like and older woman,and did her St.Lucian Doctor gave her the green light to go to the US because they suspected something was wrong with her or the baby? So much can go wrong with a delivery so let's hold our breath until after the postmortem to know what went wrong with her,in the mean time may she RIP. The family will have lots of questions to answer before they deliver that baby to them I wish them well they better get their attorney ready.


  4. Oh ! Shocked ?! I worked with Jeffa at St Jude, what a beautiful soul ... to her family and friends , may God give you grace to endure...


  5. Thank you Titoya for this fantastic tribute to Our beloved Jeffa. May She Rest peacefully.


  6. You see people even in the USA child birth can go wrong, so stop thinking is only in st.Lucia it can happen, may she rest in peace ,but why she waited in her forties ,it has always been said that it is risky ,ladies don't wait so old,please its too risky,poor baby, but what's about the twin boys by Samantha, Neptune of vf,,she also lost her life ,we as a people should fine out how are those kids doing and perhaps put in place a funding program to help finance and raid them properly, so help us Lord,


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