Trial date set for Canadian man accused in death of St. Lucian boy

Trial date set for Canadian man accused in death of St. Lucian boy
Sahab Jamshidi
Sahab Jamshidi (centre) and his friends Stephen (left) and Raymond.
Sahab Jamshidi (centre) and his friends Stephen (left) and Raymond.

CBC – The trial of Sahab Jamshidi, the Ancaster man who has been charged with the drowning death of a four-year-old boy on the Caribbean Island of St Lucia, will begin May 3rd, 2016.

Jamshidi appeared before Justice Francis Cumberbatch at the High Court in the capital Castries on Wednesday.

He has been charged with causing death by gross negligence or recklessness which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. He pleaded not guilty to the charge during his arraignment on November 23, 2015.

​Prosecutors allege that Jamshidi carried Terrell Joshua Elibox into the sea on a surfboard last February and caused his death.

Jamshidi has said he tried to rescue the child after spotting him struggling in the water.

In March, Jamshidi’s mother, Roya Jamshidi told the CBC “I’m proud of my son that he did what it was right to do but he was unfortunate. He was in the wrong time in the wrong place. There was no other person there. So he doesn’t have any witnesses.”

Following the court appearance, his lawyer Alberton Richelieu said he would do the best he can to ensure that Jamshidi is acquitted.

“I am trying to get another witness who will help to secure an acquittal,” Richelieu said.

Jamshidi remains on 10,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars bail and is unable to leave the island after surrendering his passport to the local authorities.


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  1. This guy is innocent in all aspects coz i'm an ocean kite surfer to,an it's impossible to carry anyone else on the surf board being pulled by the ocean kite,unless a second person is in a special harness mounted on the back or the front of the surfer coz both hands of the surfer are needed to control the kite,so please note the same applies to a free style high elevation kite with the same design period.


    • Well you just convicted him because the 4 year old was not safely in a harness, that's why he drowned. SO how can you say Quote: This guy is innocent in all aspects; unquote. You who claim to be an ocean kite surfer!!. You either meant to say, the guy is NOT innocent; or you have WATER on the brain from all that surfing.


      • and you are an idiot lol because he is pointing out there is no space on the board and no way to even hold onto his neckand the idea of giving someone ride is absurd because would not be able to control is kite even he was he was a bigger man dude is like 5.6


  2. I had even forgotten about mate. Well hopefully his languishing in prison may bring some international attention to this situation that is all too common for regular non-connected St. Lucians. Seems that's the only time the leaders make any moves. What ever happened to the son of a well-known medical professional who killed/caused the death of the airline professional around Rodney Bay area, through (insert relevant adjective here) driving?


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