Treasury Department staff on strike

Treasury Department staff on strike


Employees of the Treasury Department downed tools on Wednesday morning over health concerns.

Reports are that the staffers have complained about air quality issues at the building over the past two years, and nothing was ever done to rectify the situation.

As a result of this issue, several of them are now ill.

The employees were represented at a meeting held today between their union, Civil Service Association (CSA) and government officials.

The outcome of that meeting is unknown at this time.

However, the  Treasury Department remains closed.


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  1. I was wondering with elections getting closer, which government department would be going on strike. You mean the union allowed this to go on for two years or the management or government and did nothing but wait at an opportune time for strike action. you mean the staff are that foolish or committed to staying in a sick building until today. Anyway i guess the workers will enjoy their time spent at home but I am sure the salaries will be in the bank because who will strike knowing the money has not been deposited in the bank by their payroll sections. However I do hope they can get a new place to be housed in the new Finance building or even next to Payless shoe Store, these are empty buildings.


  2. while the union at it, they should visit the General Post Office to see the conditions staff under under .


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